Review! CFB Creator’s Model Gore Magala

I first started playing Monster Hunter a good few years ago – about a decade! I bought Freedom Unite on a whim at a Sears for like 4 bucks and it hooked me. I grabbed Tri on the Wii and bought a 3DS just a few months before 4U hit the west and straight up bought a limited edition New 3DS for Generations. Collectively I’ve poured easily triple, maybe even quadruple digit hours into the Monster Hunter series – and as my love of the series grew so too did my want/need for its merchandise. I’ve wanted to collect MH figures for a while, but it was always a hearty plunge to take. No matter what I’d buy it was always going to be imported and expensive… until I grabbed this guy off eBay for MSRP. I don’t collect figures that often(see: never), and it was an odd photoshoot to do for me with no articulation or accessories to show off, but let’s see how my very first dive into both Figures and Monster Hunter collectibles turns out!

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Aaaaand We’re Back

Gore Set

Ominous, right?

Banshee finished!


Finally managed to finish the Banshee! I can certainly say I will never build a Unicorn Gundam again. Ever. Hopefully. Probably not. I’ll be making a larger post in the next few days as I plan my paint job on it, though I don’t entirely know what I’m going to do yet. See you then!

The Current Project


I’ve been “working” on the MG Banshee for a couple months now, but it’s definitely been an off and on project. This makes my third MG Unicorn build (6th total counting HG kits), and after the Full Armor Unicorn build, I basically have this thing memorized. It’s certainly not the most exciting build at this point, it’s gone from awe at the engineering of the kit to just… just… there’s soooo maaaaany PIECES.

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It’s been a year and a day since I last posted on this blog! I can’t say I haven’t been busy though. School started to take up a lot more time than I thought it would, and Guild Wars 2 is a thing that exists (and that I’m addicted to). Sadly I had to start cutting some things out, and Gunpla happens to be the most time consuming hobby I have (My time frame for building a kit easily triples when I shoot a build/review of it), so it was the first to go, and it sadly stayed away for quite a while. But no more! I think it’s mostly that I’ve been re-watching a lot of old Gundam series, and combining that with playing Pokemon Y, I’ve been slowly slipping back into my childhood over the past month, and that’s the best place I can probably ever hope to end up. I dunno, I just wanna build some Gundam models right now. I would, but it’s terribly late and I’m sleeping after this is posted. I was honestly hoping to start posting a LOT earlier than this. I’ve re-shot the 00 Raiser Review about 2 or 3 times now and every time I do it I look at it after a while and completely hate what I did, scrap it, and re-do it. Though for the majority of the past year, my photo “booth” has been as it looks above: Completely covered in stuff. So I haven’t got much in the way of photos taken. This blog very routinely hits over a 100 views a day, which is a really big increase from last year, and I’m glad to see that it not only hasn’t died, but has gotten MORE popular the longer I left it alone. That’s a pretty big reason I’m here now, if there were only one or two (or no) posts a day, I’d probably leave this blog for dead, but seeing it fairly active was a bit refreshing! I have some things I’m working on right now, and some things I have planned, but they’ll most likely have to wait until next week to even talk about. This week is my final week of classes for the semester, and then I’m free for a month and a half!


Sorry for the sudden and rather large blob of [probably] incoherent text rambling. Like I said I’ll try my best to post a thing or two over the course of the week, though most likely it’ll wait for this weekend. Feels kind of good to be back! (for now)


Experimenting with the new camera (I told you I got one, right?)! It starting snowing with snowflakes large enough to see, so I figured I should take this time to experiment with my camera, and I think the result (one of MANY) turned out good! I still have some more experimenting to go with my photo “booth”, the fluorescent lighting is throwing everything off… >.< Well, just thought I’d let you know I’m not dead! =D

Gunpla Expo News!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but school (and Guild Was 2) has kept me far busier than I thought it would. So While I can’t get one of my backlogged reviews done, I am trying to stay more active! Recently, the Gunpla Expo World tour kicked off, and oh so many things have been announced that make my wallet weep! The first thing is up above, it looks like a preview billboard… thing…. for more Real Grade kits. And I would buy every one of those. Right now if I could. There’s some more gunpla goodness after the jump!

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A Quick Update

Hey all! Thought I’d give you a bit of an update on what’s happening on my end of things real quick. I started work on the Jesta! Apart from an excuse to test some new paint (that’s on the shield, looks lovely, no?), I just really need to BUILD something. As with the Banshee [DM] review, I don’t think I’m gonna do any of that ‘Out of the Box’ stuff for this review, I just need to build something. ^^; The MG 00 Raiser IS finished (been done for a while, actually… =3), and I’m just waiting to do the review. Which I hope to get done soon. But we all know me and my definition of “soon”. Anyway, wanted you all (of ‘you all’ that’s still left) in on what’s going on around here. I sincerely hope to get this blog in working order again soon!

One hell of a Gunpla Sale

Hey all! If anyone reading this doesn’t already know, HLJ is having a Gunpla sale through November 13th, with sales of up to 80% off! Like that banner just told you. Just from some quick looks, the PG Strike freedom Gundam is 45% off, so if you haven’t grabbed that yet then WHY HAVEN’T YOU JESUS IT’S HALF OFF. All of the High grade kits are 30%+ off, so good deals are to be had where ever look! =D So feel free to go look for yourself!
P.S. Tell your wallet I’m sorry.

MG Nu gundam Ver Ka

Gunpla news? On this blog? THAT’S INSANE! But anyway, Here I am, slightly depressed at not owning a new camera, hearing about the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Now when I heard about this I was actually about to order the original kit and some resin parts to make it look more like the Gundam Evolve version, but now I don’t need to! =D If you’ve seen this before, you don’t really need to read farther (nothing new here), I’m just gonna gush about how awesome this kit is going to be…

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