Chogokin Evangelion -ANIMA- Super Evangelion

Now, I try my best to keep this strictly Gunpla, but once in a while there’s something worth posting (usually a lot ^^;) that’s not. This is the Chogokin Eva “Super Evangelion” and it looks awesome!

Some very sexy shots here. Mainly showing off the detail, but also show off the looks! This version of the Eva Unit 1 looks a lot more, Mecha, than the other versions. The original Eva is nice looking in it’s own right, but this is such an awesome looking rendering of it. This is also very nicely detailed. Like, very nicely.

o-o Lovely paint job! Nice bit of detail that the eye armor can move up and down. I’m curious if the mouth opens, myself, but it probably does ^^; Also a nice place to point out the height of the Shoulder, things. They’re usually kind of huge, but these don’t attract too much attention.

All the stuff that you can put on this guy (well, most of the stuff). A very nice looking gun, a good looking dagger, and the arm/shoulder thinger mabobs.

Oh, a very good looking dagger. I personally like some of the daggers that come with the Revoltech products, but this looks good! Now the thing I really like about this is the fact that it comes prepainted ^^; I like good looking things that I don’t have to make look good every once in a while! =D

Now, sadly, there’s really not any action poses of this yet, so we’ll have to wait to see the articulation, but based on the fact that this is a Chogokin, it’s probably pretty good. If not, It still looks good standing there!


The Chogokin ‘Super Evangelion’ is a March (and knowing Bandai, probably 25th) Release, for 8,400 Yen

Image/Info source: Ngee Khiong, AmiAmi (Translated into english, for your convenience!)

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