Perfct Grade Pictures!

Now. There’s Box-Art, and there’s Box-Art! This would go under the Box-Art! category. It’s got action, poses, and explosions. I like it. They also have the Unicorn w/ Cage box-art, but I haven’t seen it in a sizable, uh, size yet. I’m working on reviews, but this is incase I don’t get it done today xP

Bandai also released images (FINALLY) of their Perfect Grade special editions. Seen below!

Perfect Grade RX-78-2 Gundam. 23,100 Yen, released on March 25th.

Perfect Grade MS-06F Zaku II. 23,100 Yen, released on the 25th.

Perfect Grade GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. 21,000 Yen, released on the 25th.


Now, the special editions, I can handle (though I would’ve liked to see the models redone technically, and come with a weapons pack) But releasing a model just for a clear part pack? If you’re into it!

See what I mean? I looks good, from what I can see. It’s just really, really tiny.

More images of the Perfect Grade kits:


Zaku II

Strike Gundam

Despite the fact that the original Strike and Skygrasper combined is 19,000 Yen (Strike Rouge is the same price), and the Zaku II is 12,000 Yen (Gundam is the same price) I’m not too sure if I’d get ANY of the, anyway… =.=’

News/Info Source: Ngee Khiong

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