HGUC Unicorn Gundam with Head Display base?

And here I am! After what? Two weeks, of nothing on here? Gonna try to keep things a lot more tidy around here. I’m actually typing the Exia Review as we speak you read. And if all goes according to plan, it should be up by tomorrow (or the next day, bt it WILL be up). Now, onto the news!

Well this is weird. I have NEVER seen a case where Bandai released a Magazine special outside of the magazine. Was it that popular? I mean, It is awesome, but popular enough to release a limited edition release as a limited edition release, again?

The strange thing is, HLJ doesn’t have anything in their future release section. Why would there be a completed model and box leaking, yet no other news about it anywhere than this one blog (Ngee Khiong got it off of a Chinese blog)? The picture above also shows, clearly enough, the Dengeki Hobby Magazine Logo. Why would that be on the box? It’s no longer for Dengeki. Mybe this was just a photo shopped box (although it seems like a lot of work to go through to fool some people)…

Let’s compare this to the normal unicorn box:

Hold on. Wait a minute! There seems to be plenty of room for this Bandai to slip a “+ Head Display Base” strip under the title. But where’s the “Gundam UC” certification sticker on the box below? (you can see it in the top box, lower left hand corner)  I can see a sticker there in the upper right hand corner, but it doesn’t look like a Gundam UC one…

Here’s the Unicorn Destroy Mode Pictures too:

Though, now there’s no mention of the Head display base (picture wise) on the Destroy Mode box. Weird O-o For all I know, someone just whipped up a photoshop of the new box, and slapped the two bags together. I guess the next couple of weeks (or God forbid, Months) will tell. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t order either the Base, or Unicorn mode yet! ^^;

News/Image source: Ngee Khiong, Tatsu Hobby

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