Guess who’s back?

I am! That’s right. Been gone for what? A month? A MONTH AND THREE DAYS?! Good Lord. Alright now. Well, I’m back, had some stuff to do, got busy, lost the connector cable for my camera, forgot about my blog for a while, remembered my blog, looked for/found my connector cable for my camera, and shot a review for a couple models. That was the past month. More or less. I was going to get back on sooner, but I actually did lose the cable for my camera. And on top of that, I kind of sort of lost most of the photo’s for my GN-X. Including a couple of build ones, it’s been interesting trying to dig them out of my computer, but it didn’t work. So I’m going to have to redo my review for it. But on a later date. So I decided to sit down and build the HGUC Unicorn Gundam (D-M). Fun little build, if you want a spoiler. I’ll have the review up TOMORROW. God himself would have to intervene to stop me from putting this up! (that said, I’ll probably fall down the stairs and snap my Femur in half now… xD)

P.S. I also thought about redoing my Blog layout, but I couldn’t find a new theme I liked. Think I’ll keep this one, but I MIGHT just put in the 15 bucks to get access to the Editor for the site (they give you a free blog, then make you pay for the other stuff. They are good). Maybe when This becomes a little more popular…

Deikun OUT!

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