Experiments, and Zoids!

So yeah! New theme. I kind of like it. Just came out today! Gonna have to tweak it though. We’ll see how it goes. Also Zoids. If you’ve never heard of Zoids (you have), it stands for ‘Zoic Androids’ (Yes, I had to Google that.) And are possibly one of the best line of toys ever. Even rivaling Gundam. The series originally came out in the 1980’s, and was on and off until 1999 (I think) when Takara Tomy (Hasbro in the US) released a line of Zoids that coincided with the events in a show (Zoids: Chaotic Century). What I liked most about these is that the toy line was almost exclusively models. And at that time, Gundam models started getting scarce. Though that line ended in like 2006 (I think), Kotobukiya has begun to release High Quality kits of some models. And I figured it was only a matter of time before they announced the release of a Liger or two.

Love it~! That’s awesome. Kotobukiya also said in an announcement (when they announced this) that some parts of the model would come pre-painted. Now I can’t assume that all pieces will be fully detailed (the model already comes molded in color, same as Gunpla), but I can venture a guess as to what kinds of things to look for. For instance, I would think that the Cockpit canopy comes painted, because those borders would look like a bitch to paint.

See? Hm. Maybe the pilot will come painted… Dunno! I just hope they have easily paint-able colors for this. I do NOT like mixing paint, Sam I am.

Some Gratuitous Action shots for you to digest. The front legs look like like they can only bend about 90º, but I might be wrong. The thing also looks LOADED. And bad-ass, I hope they keep the white color scheme, cause blue sucks. xP

Sadly, I think I might be right on the Front legs. Oh well. I’m still getting this though. Also pre-ordered the Lightning Saix,  ’cause that’s just as sexy. Sadly though, this is an August release… Hell, this is going to be a tough year… =.=;

I’m also going to experiment with maybe one or two more theme types, just to see how they go and what not. Though in the end, I think that the Theme I finally like best will be the one I actually pay for…. Oh well.

News/Image sources: Ngee khiong, HLJ

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