Ooh, look! A new Phone!

Alright. So. I got the new iPhone 4! And to be absolutely, completely honest with you… I LOVE it. It’s just so sexy! But for me, one of the real perks, is on the back!

I just love to look at it. Oh. And there’s the Perk. the Camera! More later…

Look how thin it is! Oh. I almost forgot! I did more detail on the Red Frame from last time. Still not done. Hm…

But I thought to myself: Self! This is the perfect time to test your new iPhone’s Camera! I had a pretty good idea!

The Camera Challenge!

Wow. Not terribly original. Whatever! Alright, so. Let’s introduce the Challengers!

So you kind of already met this guy. But here’s why I like him: A 5 Megapixel Camera. Nice? YES.

So this is my current Camera. A Canon PowerShot S80. This one comes loaded with a 8 Megapixel Camera (well, it is a camera…) I like it. It’s nice. I got it for free from my mom. Am I a complainer? NO. This actually takes fairly AWESOME pictures (if done right…) and it’s really easy to use. I’ll probably bring this up in some future post I’ll put in the category in the top right. The one I made but never really touched after that…

So there they are. Bring on the Challenge!All I really did was take a photo with the camera, whip out my phone, and take the same picture.

This one’s form the camera. It’s about as close I can ever get before the picture begins to get grainy (which puts the lens |———>| this far from the target) .

And This is as close as I could get with the phone while the image still looks good. A bit closer, but a bit fuzzier.

This is the picture with the camera.

And This one’s from the Phone! A LOT better, right? It just seems so much more clear.

Now. The Phone’s camera is really nice. It’s three Megapixels less than the camera, BUT: That Model of Camera Came out in 2005. In retrospect, the iPhone wasn’t even out yet. In 5 years, Technology advanced a LOT. The Canon PowerShot S80 was an EXCELLENT camera. 5 YEARS AGO. You can see how much more vibrant the phone’s picture is than the camera’s. That’s probably all they could do 5 years ago.

Now the iPhone’s camera can’t get a good focus on smaller details (it wasn’t really meant for that in the first place), while the S80 can. I actually took LOADS more pictures. These are just the couple I showed (to save space). So in the end I- Huh? What about the reviews? OH. uh. erm. guh. OH HEY LOOK AT THAT!

HGUC Hi-v Gundam GPB Colr version? YES PLEASE. October release 2,310 Yen

HGUC Gear Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom. (I really want this, btw!) July 29th Release, 2,310 Yen

HGUC Sinanju (I want to see the painted version, but they’re still probably painting it! ^^;) No release, No Price…

And to prove that Bandai Has an INCREDIBLE Sense of humor:

HGUC Bear Acguy. I love it when companies can actually take joke! I just love them for making such a lovable mobile suit, even more lovable… Wait. What does that remind me of?


AHEM… December Release, 1,890 Yen

I honestly don’t know when I’m gonna get those reviews done. It’s just been really hot in my room recently, and that’s where I do the reviews. Also the reason why I haven’t completed the Red Frame… Partly… Gonna try though!

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