Model Update! HGUC Kshatriya

So this would be one of those incidents where you go to look at a model. And then it’s half done! I have a good chunk of the Kshatriya done, say about: 60%. Lets take a look at what we’ve got so far!

This is the Main chunk of it. I actually had some huge concerns going into this that luckily turned out to be just that. I’ll get to those on the review!

I also decided to repaint some parts. They idea mainly came from a conversion kit for the Kshatriya…

This one! This is Sage’s conversion kit, which looked niiiiice. And it ultimately inspired me to repaint parts of the model, underside of the binders included! I also somewhat regret not buying this… =.=; Anyway, I thought that not white, but rather a light gray would look better with the green, and I was right. You’ll see in the review!

These are also the rest of the things I have done here (about). I’m JUST about done with the binders, and am entering the final stages of painting the ‘sleeves’ (So THAT’S where they get there name!). One of the things I really like here is that the binders, as HUGE as they are, came in one piece. I just love that! I couldn’t imagine a huge ass seem line running down the middle of FOUR of those…

So I should have this model completely finished by like, next week. Review to come whenever the hell I get to it. I’m actually waiting to see if I can find something to change around my photo background a little. I’m also waiting on a mysterious package (mysterious to you, that is!) that should get here by Friday. I hope.

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