Gunpla News, Birthdays, and More!

There is SO much stuff coming out that I need to get. Like. A lot. Probably too much. Loads of new Gunpla, the PS Vita, probably going to grab an iPad 3 when that comes out later this year…

But first things first!  I got around to updating the Monthly Releases list a couple of days ago, so you can check that out here! I also finally got around to updating the Future page too! There’s some other news and info just past the gap, if you care to read on!

The Duel Gundam Assault Shroud! I fell in love this Master Grade redesign the instant I first saw the line-art for it. I’m not really a big fan of the SEED series that much, but the mobile suit designs are pretty damn good! Bandai is also releasing Master Grades of the rest of the original Gundams from SEED, so I finally get a MG Blitz Gundam!=D

The details look amazing on this kit (Click to enlarge photos!) and the articulation doesn’t seem too bad either. I even like the color! =D

It’s arsenal is impressive and it has a damn big box to fit all of this in!

And the Box art even looks cool! Dammit I feel a pre-order coming on… =|

Next up is the MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal. I can’t say I’m a real big fan of the mobile suit designs from this series so far, but I really like what Bandai did with this.

They added the right amount of details to it, but didn’t go overboard. I’m probably gonna end up getting this, but probably at a later date, if nothing else.

But now onto the more important thing: Birthdays! This blog is two years old as of January 29th (when I made my very first post). I also have my birthday on February 10th! I’m probably going to end up celebrating both on my birthday, it’s just easier that way!

I have a lot of things I want to do with this site, including reformat my reviewing process. I think it’s a bit long-winded, and probably more complicated than it needs to be. To shorten things up, I’ve decided to get rid of most builds in the reviews. That’s something I’m not entirely happy with, but assuming you need to know how EVERY Gunpla kit is built is insulting your intelligence. I eventually want to have a build section in every review, but I kind of want to experiment with making Build videos at some point down the road to keep the length of reviews shorter. I also have goals to post more regularly, seeing as me disappearing for a month or so is becoming a yearly tradition around these parts… ^^;  I also hope at one point to break past Gunpla and do other sorts of reviews on here (Figures? More models? Who knows!).

I also have to consider that at some point this blog is going to have to go south. I really hope it’s not anytime this year, but I plan on finishing all the reviews I have to do before even considering ending this thing. It gets kind of tedious some times, but actually think I enjoy it more now. I used to have a lot of enthusiasm for this blog, but it’s unfortunately had to take the back seat of a very long bus as of late, but I hope to change that.

I was listening to this song while writing this, so it might sound a little inspirational… =3

P.S. The Unicorn Build is going kind of slow right now, so I might just have to review something between the lulls in building.

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  1. Yeah they still make KH games. They arent as popular as FF, which confuses me since you can actually jump in KH. (sense the joke) Though i wonder if “The World Ends with You 2” is ever gonna become reality.

    Congratz on 2 yearz! RL is more important then a blog so remember priorities!

    The details are pretty good on the Strike, not overdone like an old 1/100 HG, but enough to look “Real”

    • Thanks! I try to keep my priorities in line, but my only one right now is paying back my college loans, and I can’t really do that right now, so Models and video games! =D

      Good to know about the strike. I’m probably going to grab the special edition deactivated version when that comes out, seeing as it also looks like it comes with the skygrasper and sword/launcher attachments.

      • huh really? cooll to know that its coming out deactivated. If the Extras are all “deactivated” as well i might get it. But my first order of business is wondering when Black Rock Shooter THE GAME comes out in america, since NIS Amerca said it would, and it looks pretty good. And Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate come sout tommorrow… SO MANY GAMES T_T. My wallet is probably going to be hungry by the mmonths end.

      • None of the extra bits come in deactivated mode, I just like the color scheme much better than the normal version.

        I’m getting my college loans back soon, which is HORRIBLE because there’s SO MUCH out there that I need to get.
        I want to get a copy of Windows 7 so I can game more on my Computer…
        I want to get a PS Vita…
        I want to get about half a dozen Gundam Models…
        I want to grab an iPad 3 when that comes out…
        I want to get some more games…
        Wait. I don’t want all of these things. I need them! Totally. Got to support that economy, right? =3

  2. the economy, right… I wish i could help it, but when your not “skilled enough”(age-ist jerks… Is it that hard to cook? I mean, im only i high school, but really!) to get a job, it isnt exactly easy to get money without going Ezio-Pickpocket-Pro on people. My list is osmething like this:
    1-…100 games
    PS Vita
    1-..7? gundam models
    A Better Laptop that can actually Run Minecraft without exploding
    A Daimond-Reinforced Knife (almost got mugged once… The Pipe nearby taught them a lesson)
    Donut Buttom (press for Donut!)
    And a Cloak coloured Black with Blue clouds around it with Red flames on the bottom
    Too bad the economy can’t get my support, i think it would benefit from it XD

    • I think if we made a donut dispensing contraption, we could single handedly save the world.

      I find the best way to help the… uh. Economy, is to wait for the weekend. Steam sales my friend. Steam sales. Also a horrible idea if you don’t have a lot of money. Steam kind of just sips it out of your wallet with a straw.

      • i would use steam, but my conputer is kinda meh when it comes to gaming. Minecraft lags for me when i use the GLSL shaders mod, which isnt even meant to lag it.

        I would the donut button, right next to my muffin button. MMMMMMMM, muffinss. Plus the button lets me read the mind of krillin 😀

      • I have the GLSL shader mod installed on my Minecraft. Sadly it’s not compatible with the Water Shader mod, which makes the Water have reflections. The only mods I ever care to install make Minecraft better. (Aether Mod!) I kind of get involved with it a little too much… ^^;

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