It’s my Birthday!

Yeah! Today’s my birthday! If you’re curious, I’m 19 years old! Above is the take for today, the last for a while. And by a while I mean 2 weeks. A closer-ish look at the three after the jump, with some more ideas I’m throwing around.

First up is the HG Jesta! I love love love this thing! Honestly probably my favorite mobile suit design. Ever. Nothing much to see here except the Decals and the orange eye piece. I don’t really like how the decal sheets are just sitting in the bag by themselves and not in their own bag. It’s nothing I really noticed before but they do get kind of banged up just floating around the bag. I know it’s a high grade kit, but still!

The HG Banshee! In Unicorn Mode! The only interesting bits here are the head pieces (which WILL be painted!) and the foil stickers for the vents and what not.

The HG Banshee! In Destroy mode! And those psycho frame pieces? Yeah. No. They’re being painted. They’re being painted by every sane person who gets this. I know that the bright neon orange light that the Banshee emits is hard to copy onto plastic but DEAR GOD is it ugly. I need to buy paint… And if you look behind the head pieces and the sticker sheet, you’ll see the PC runner. It’s made of dull gold. Not whatever God Forsaken color the rest of the psycho frame pieces are made out of. A quick glance over my HG Unicorn Gundam DM reveals that barely any of the PCs are visible, so that’s good!

Now onto the ideas phase of this post. If you’re interested in models only, you can leave now! The above photo is of the most visited posts/pages on this blog of all time. There are definitely some interesting numbers in there! For instance:

Why did so many people visit the G-System Kshatriya post? I know it’s TREMENDOUSLY interesting, but did they think it was a review? I hate to mislead people at all, so I’m feelin’ kind of bad every time I see that post in the top posts of the week.

All of the PG Strike Freedom posts are top grossing. No real surprise there, I did try to cover as much as possible!

People REALLY like the HG 00 Quanta. Seeing as how the next HG review (HGUC Geara Zulu) isn’t even on the same page (This is NOT the entire list, obviously)!

Seeing as the Home page is clicked a lot, people either stumble across this blog and like what they see, so click the home page to see more; or are just chronic home page clickers (You don’t need the home page to navigate around the site, after all!)

Anyway. I think I’ve more narrowed down the new review process I’m working on.

I want to keep length to a minimum. As I said before, I want to start experimenting with build videos, as those will help keep page lengths shorter and are kind of easier to follow sometimes. I think I’ll still have some build photo’s of either really complex parts or parts that need more detail. I’m also still not afraid to make more than one post (like I’m doing now with the FA Unicorn).

I want to make a kind of quick summary table right in the beginning. For those who just want to glance at the basics and still get a good gist of what’s going on. And for those more interested,  there’s the full review!

I want some reviews to be more timely! I like to do a good job on ALL of my models (since they’re mine), so I complete them typically a month or so after they come out (and the review a while after ^^;), I’d like to start to have some more interesting/high priority kits get finished sooner (like the next Perfect Grade or something).

I also am probably gonna start sinking money into this sometime this year. WordPress only gives you so much freedom and space to work with before you have to upgrade. They have a nice little bundle called the “Pro” bundle that basically includes everything I need for $100.00 a year. A little pricey but I think it’ll be worth it! It gives me 10 gigs of space (I only have 3 right now. and only about 200mb left!), video upload ability, and my own domain (so no more .wordpress in the address bar!) along with the ability to explicitly change this websites code (which is probably a bad thing).

I want to start working on the modelers guide. If you look under the Tips, Tools, Tricks toolbar, you’ll see the Modelers Guide page. On it is a small blurb that says that I’m going to do that when I start to wrap up this blog. And While I don’t plan on ending this adventure of mine anytime soon, I do want to start that guide. I once in a while think about how I’m going to lay it out, and it’s kind of sprawling! I have a lot of pages I want to add to it, and I’m hoping to make it fairly in depth and easy to follow. We’ll just have to wait and see where things fall.

And that’s about it for now! Up until now, this has been slightly less of a hobby for me. While sharing the models I build online was fun, I found it to be tedious work. But now I’m starting to enjoy it more! I’m at a point where I’m comfortable putting more time and money into this blog. It’s definitely becoming a part of my life, and I hope it will slowly become part of yours too!

P.S. The FA Unicorn is going. Uh. Slow. I don’t really know why, but work has just kind of stopped on it for now. I still have about 40% of the kit left to build and detail, but I DO have a week off the week after next week (the week of 19th), so I hope to get more work done! But I also am working on making myself a new work desk, since mine is 20 years old and falling apart. That’ll dampen progress for a while when I start that (since I won’t have a desk!), but I hope that’ll be a weekend project.

Until next time!

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  1. Goodluck on everything! I’ll be looking forward to that guide! =3 I’ve also ordered he HG Unicorn Banshee Destroy mode, guess we’ll have to paint them eh? Like my MG Strike Freedom, crappy gold runners! :/

    • Thanks! I can only imagine that everyone who gets the Banshee will paint it (it’s too ugly not to). The MG Banshee will glow under fluorescent light, and it would be nice if the HG did the same, but I don’t think it does. But I’m getting the limited edition MG Banshee, so I don’t really care about that either!

  2. good to see that your deciding to change things around. Not that what’s going on is bad, but change is sometimes what people need to become more succesful. Good luck, and happy birthday. If you have MW3 on the 360, can i melee you in the arm 19 times? Its kind of a tradition where i live to hit someone in the arm the same amount of times as there age XD.

    Well good to see that you got some more kits. I probably wont be getting one for a while. grumbling- stupid games making me let my grades slip, stupid Seamus for uploading so many videos i must watch.

    Well have fun building and painting! now i just need to find some blood red and crimosn red paint for the Bloody Spallow…

    • Thanks! I think a slight change of procedure is just what I need to get myself back into a blogging mood!

      I plan on pre-ordering the MG Banshee Special Edition by the end of this week (if not sooner!), and I plan on getting a few more Master Grade kits (Duel, AGE, Sandrock, HeavyArms, Deathscythe, maybe more?), and maybe a couple of HG kits. By the end of March, my wallet is going to try strangle me in my sleep!

      And don’t worry about the punching thing! My brother took care of it for you… D=

      • its pretty cool that you blog, since it does take some courage to post your life, even a little bit, on the internet.So to get you in the mood i will spam all your pages XD not really, i already am a chronic “home page clicker” so i think thats a good amount of support XD.

        I had to put down my wallet a couple days ago. To little money to feed it. I bet most of the “debt” the US is in is me…T_T

        Tell your brother i said thanks 😀 Some advice: Padded hoodie. Love mine.

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