Micro-Review! HGUC Banshee [Destroy Mode]

I have to admit something. I watched Episode 5 of Gundam UC right before I wrote this review. It’s fantastic, and you should watch it. Now. I am so pumped right now! Anyway: This kit is identical to the HGUC Unicorn Gundam DM with a few additions. I’ve never really been a fan of all the extra add-ons, so I opted to leave them off, and go with a more original, novel centric version. A good thing with this kit: it’s very modular (kind of), so you can basically make your own Banshee!

First Impressions

I should mention two things now: I didn’t have my camera’s Macro function on for taking these two photo’s, so sorry for the blurriness! I’ll hopefully change them later. And second, this is a Micro-review, so there won’t be any runner shots or manual scans. The main reason is that I lost those when my computer crashed a while ago, and I had to hard reset it. But I might do this from now on with just the High Grade kits. It takes a lot of the fun out of building when you have to start documenting it… ^^;

Up Close!

My opinions on this kit haven’t changed since my review of the Unicorn DM: The details are fantastic! Nary a thing was lost on this down-scaled version!

Painting this was a bit of an arse, though. While I really enjoy the new scheme, I don’t think I mind the original color that much… ^^; I guess my only complaint is that the psycho frame and the V-fin are both the same color, and I wish there was some differentiation.

I really like the legs here, especially with the copper details! I will admit though, this lighting? Not flattering on that gold paint.

Here’s all the extra bits that came with the kit (well, “Extra”). It came with an open palm piece (the original Unicorn doesn’t), but it’s molded in dark blue, so I painted it! Though I own the HG Banshee UM, and that comes with two open palms so I just used those. As I said before, I’m a really big fan of how the Banshee looks in the Novels, and I’m fairly opposed to adding anything else on (why mess with perfection?). Though I really do like how modular this kit is, even if Bandai never intended for that to be the case.

In Action!

Now with the way this kit is right now, it handles exactly the same as the Unicorn. Not a bad thing, considering it handles quite well!

Another Desktop background ready picture… sans the dust… -_-‘

Hm. Getting… kind of boring…

Hm. Okay. I got it! You know what would make this better?

A claw! >=D I know I said that vastly prefer the original version. But anyone who doesn’t like a GIANT CLAW is an idiot. A big one.

You see what I mean? And the action INSTANTLY picks up!

Man. Claws are cool. Though do notice I don’t have the Beam cannon attached. That’s just too ugly for me… xP

I wish this really happened in the show… ; _ ;

The Final Say

Here’s a different version of the picture above, just with the focus on the Unicorn instead!

Building Tips

  • Be careful with the outer armor! Nub marks show up especially well on this kit!
  • If you’re going to paint this by hand (like me), then make yourself a plan. Here’s what I did: Build a section of the kit→See where I need to paint→Paint the corresponding piece (if there is one)→Paint the rest→Let dry and put together!
  • Be careful with that V-fin!

The Good

  1. It’s the Unicorn Gundam. But black. What’s not to like?
  2. Fantastic detail comparable to the Master Grade!
  3. Extremely well balanced, it can hold a pose like a pro!

The Bad

  1. Um. Painting it is kind of a bitch, if you decide to do that.
  2. Nub marks are extremely visible, even if they are well taken care of.

The Meh

  1. It’s modular! You can mix and match features to make the Banshee you like the best! I didn’t put this under ‘The Good’ because it’s not an intended feature. Just a very delightful side effect.
  2. The V-fin kind of pops off when it wants to. The same with the arm joints.

The Verdict

This is an astounding kit! I know I’ve already said it like a thousand times (pretty close), but I really do like the fact that I can part swap for some of the ‘original’ parts of the kit. All of my praises and complaints of this kit carry over from the HG Unicorn DM review, so I don’t really have much else to add-on to it. I will state, however, that I vastly prefer these High Grade kits to their Master Grade counterparts. I think this may be my only example of this, but the HG version of the Banshee and the Unicorn just work better than the MG versions. Without all of the transformation stuff getting in the way, these kits are very easy to pose, and I can’t help but think a MG version of these kits in both modes (that can’t transform) would actually work out pretty well. That said, if you own -or plan on buying- the MG Banshee, this kit would work fantastically well for planning out a paint scheme (if you plan on painting it, of course), or to try some things out before you get to larger, more expensive version. It’s also a great alternative to owning the MG, it it’s a bit out of your price range.

Should you buy this?

You’d be a complete and utter idiot not to. You should get this yesterday!

Kit Information

Name: 1/144 HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 ‘Banshee’ [Destroy Mode] (bit of a mouthful, huh?)

Release Date: January 2012

MSRP: ¥1,800 ($22.00)

Places to buy:

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  1. Yeah, Unicorn episode 5 is fantastic. Especially when Banshee kick Ridhe’s ass XD, but that Delta Plus T_T.
    Regarding this kit, what paint did you use? I mean the color for the main body, that’s dark blue/navy blue?

    • The only thing I painted on this was the Psycho frame, everything else is it’s stock color. I did paint some grey bits on here and there, and for that I used Testors Model Master “Gunship Grey”. It blends in really well with the grey already on the kit!

  2. Ah, the HGUC Banshee D-mode. Quite happy with mine.
    The lack of any transformation gimmick for the 1/144 makes it more, stable.

    I see you’ve opted for the novel look instead of the OVA one.

    • The fact that the HG versions of the Unicorn/Banshee don’t transform is one of the reasons I like them so much! It just makes everything so much easier!

      I definitely tend to lean towards the Novel version of the Banshee, since I find it pretty perfect on it’s own! I just can’t ignore that claw though! =D

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