Oh That Mysterious Box~ pt. 8

So first thing’s first! The Release schedule for July got put up a little earlier, so you can go check that out if you feel so inclined. Strangely enough, there’s no Master Grade kit this month, but we do get the RG Justice, and a Base Jabber (Do we have to call it that?)! Anyway

Man Do I love Fed Ex! I ordered this package from HLJ on June 24th. I then got an email from them saying that since they’re changing over to Private Warehouse, My order might not ship until the 28th. But it shipped out the 27th, and arrived on my doorstep, FROM JAPAN, on the 29th. Frikking amazing, right? Right! Anyway, what’s in this box probably won’t be too amazing if you even occasionally check my Twitter Feed…

It’s the Master Grade Blitz! The Blitz Gundam is probably my Favorite of the original SEED Gundams, so a MG version is a must for me! Especially with how the redesigns look and all! In fact, I’ll probably be getting all five, considering the Buster Gundam looks amazing! Well. Maybe four if they don’t release another Strike (I don’t see why not). This is also the first time I’ve gotten a model wrapped in plastic for over 5 years! Not since my local hobby shop stopped regularly carrying Gunpla… ;__;

A couple of Manual shots. Loving the cover!

A [blurry] look at the decals. They appear to be quite well done, and those rub-ons are looking delicious! =d

A look at the shield. It has very nice detailing on it, and I’m tempted already to be painting the inside support struts for it!

The cable for the Gleipnir, which looks nice and solid, so it should easily hold its weight!

And the final shot (For now) of the the GAT Frame that’s standard right now in the SEED kits. To be honest, I’m fairly surprised that this came in a large format box. Since there’s only 15 runners to the kit (half of them aren’t that big either), all of them could very comfortably fit inside a half-sized box, but Bandai probably wanted to show off the Artwork. Which I’m thankful for. Because DAMN. That box. So beautiful… TT_TT

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  1. wow blitz!! looking forward for your build! =3

    • Don’t really know what I’m going to do with it yet, though. I’m probably going to go for the straight build, because to be honest, I find nothing wrong with it. But I would love to change some things on it, color wise. Black mobile suits always look better when their gray inner skeleton is something like Gunmetal, or other dark metallic gray. Though going over the ENTIRE thing would be very troublesome, though it would look nice!

      I also thought of adding color layers, like some super dark grays, to the mix to make the overall design more complex. Then again, I’d have to find some good colors to match. Unless the Blitz isn’t true black like the Deathscythe Hell, then I can do that more easily!

      The choices are endless! Still most likely doing a straight build, though. xD

    • Thanks! I’m slowly investigating the Real Grade-esque color design for the Blitz, it does have some nice panel line divisions on it, and I can always just make more if I need/want to… ^^’

  2. I just violated one of my rules… last week I went to Japan with my family, and when I visited some electronic stores there, they have tons of gunpla, at 30% off retail price (HLJ is at 20% off, but you pay shipping). I bought RG Strike, RG Sky Grasper, RG Freedom, MG Freedom, MG Strike Freedom, MG Infinite Justice (the 3 MGs will be used for resin conversion or mods, when I have time)… I think that would be my last gunpla purchase for the year. (they might last for 2 years, based on my prediction) XD

    • Aw man. I’ve made a couple of wallet wrenching shopping sprees like that. Luckily I’ve come to regret none of them since they’ve given me enough stuff to let this little blog last quite a while… ^^’ Of course I haven’t been able to build some models I’ve been looking forward to for QUITE awhile. For instance, I got the MG Hi-v Gundam more than TWO YEARS AGO and I haven’t even taken the parts out of the bags. 😐

      • yeah, and that’s precisely what I don’t want… it’d be a waste to keep those kits unbuilt, while at the same time, you can’t feel the urge to build it, since you’re more interested in newer kits. ^^;

    • That’s exactly what’s been happening to me. Hell I’ve forgotten that I OWN a MG ReZEL! I was looking into buying one a few weeks ago, and when I glance over at my pile, I see that I’ve got one! So Besides maybe the MG Banshee, I’m good on buying kits for just about ever… ^^’

      • haha, that’s funny… anyway, is there any other PG kits that you have built? (I’m not going to ask what PG kit you’re going to build, given your current baklog) =D

        I’ve finished the main body of my PG SF (only the outer parts of the backpack left, if you consider the backpack as a part of the main body).
        damn, sanding the cut remains, applying the water slide decals, weathering the parts, they’re really tiring.. maybe I’ll take a short break before going to the wings and dragoons. ^^;

    • So far I’ve built the PG RX-78-2, and a Zaku II. Both of those were built when I was relatively young and inexperienced with models, so I didn’t do a very good job on them… ^^’ I’ve always considered going back to them and fixing them up a bit, though I might just get a new PG Gundam (He’s kind of…dead). If HLJ ever has a sale on PGs though, I might get one or two that I’ve always wanted!

      A break sounds in order for your PG Strike Freedom! I didn’t really take a break when I went on to the wings, and I ended up finishing it just to get it done. There’s a lot more detail I wanted to add, but taking apart the wings are extremely hazardous!

      • oh god, look at those runners, the number of nubs to be cut and sanded clean, the number of parts to be primed, painted, decaled, shaded, topcoated…..
        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      • Ah… Brings back memories! Really, Really, bad, horrid, monotonous memories. Though here’s the biggest tip I can give you for the Wings: Don’t cut out everything at once!
        Each wing section is done slightly differently, and they all have similar looking parts that do completely different things! I cut out and trimmed ALL of the wing pieces, and I regret it to this day. I had to take apart the wings about 5 separate times to figure out what went wrong.

        To use a perfectly good emote:
        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      • oh that’s really bad… I’ve cut them down, but at least I separated them by runners, and I’ve observed them carefully and made sure that I’d be able to distinguish them one from the other, while on the parts that are difficult to distinguish, I wrote the number with pencil… XD
        as for the wings’ inner frame, I’ve built them and painted them, and I’m pretty sure the outer parts aren’t as complex. (I hope I’m not wrong lol).. ^^;

      • You should be fine. Should. The area where I ran into the most problems was in the tops of the wings, where there’s this fancy joint that extends half of the wings when you move them. There’s this little tiny elbow joint that’s placed down. And it’s different for each wing, and I kind of got it wrong. 5 times.
        But you should be fine, just pay SUPER close attention to the manual. I always thought the PG Strike Freedom always lacked the super complexity of it’s predecessors, but the wings quickly showed me up… ^^’

      • come to think of it, how did you display your PG Strike Freedom? I’m looking for a nice display case for it, but the price for acrylic cases that would fit it with the wings fully expanded could easily reach USD 80-100, and I don’t think that’s worth spending just for one kit (it’s almost half the price, lol) ^^;

        I’m now thinking of partially expanding the wings (just around 15 degrees from the completely folded pose), then pull the DRAGOONs out to reveal the details, and have the kit stand on its own, without the stand. I’d expect that pose to fit into this : http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Model-Cover-Case-Gundam-Model-Kits-Extra-Large-Clear-Blue-Base-/230825270625. what do you think about it? =D

      • I just use the normal base that came with it to display it. I have mine in a neat half-deconstructed pose to show off it’s lovely skeleton. =D Though I don’t know if a full on case would be a good idea for it. The Strike Freedom takes up PLENTY of room on it’s own, and a case that can fit it must be pretty huge! I have enough trouble finding room on my shelf just for the kit, let alone a case! Though if you’ve got the dough, I’d go for it. Might as well protect that heavy investment, right? But if you have the room, maybe consider getting a larger display case to tore more than just one kit…?

      • that’s my problem! I’m living in a 11 m square campus hostel room, with practically no space to display something as large as 40cm x 60cm… ^^;
        I might get the 30cm x 30cm x 42cm display case and put my SF in it, without the wings fully expanded. I saw Waylander’s PG SF displayed that way, and I have to admit, the wings look good too.
        in case you want to take a look : http://waylander9.blogspot.com/2012/05/pg-strike-freedom-detailed-up.html

      • That’s how mine looks! =D Although half of the armor’s gone, and the top 4 Dragoons aren’t on the wings (looks fairly badass without them ^^;). And still, as it’s posed like that, still pretty big ;__;

      • managed to finish the wings (except the small red pieces on the vents) yesterday… will work on the rifles and beam saber hilts tomorrow, and I’ll make sure it gets a proper photo shoot with my bro’s DSLR (iPhone 4 camera can’t capture the nice details) ^^;

      • That reminds me I should get back to mine at some point… ^^; I’d love to redo all of my older reviews (well MOST of my older reviews.) if/when I get a better camera. I’ve been looking at the Nikon D3100 for a while, and I’m just waiting for a good sale to grab it. $600.00 is a little over the top for a camera for me right now… ;__;

      • haha, same for me… I’m currently looking into getting a new desktop PC, so I’ll just borrow my bro’s camera. I’m not really into photography anyway. =P

      • I’ve been looking into getting a Desktop PC myself. Of course I’d be building my own, since it would probably be much cheaper to build a good gaming rig than buy one. Everything I’ve been doing so far has been off of my Macbook Pro. It’s a fantastic computer and all, but it just doesn’t have enough room to fit OSX, Windows 7 AND all the games I play… ^^;

      • finally my PG SF is done… =D
        if you want to take a look : http://www.sggunplasociety.com/t1030-pg-strike-freedom-completed-model

      • Damn, son! You need to get yourself a blog and show your stuff off properly! And I need to get back to models… ;__;

      • umm… I’d like to pass on that. too lazy to run a blog.. =X

      • HA! I have a feeling ALL Gunpla bloggers are extremely lazy. Even the ones who do REALLY astounding things. In fact ESPECIALLY the ones who do really astounding things!

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