Fraps test

This is just a quick video test for recording with Fraps (the trial version only lets you get 30 second clips)! It’s a good thing I did this, since I noticed a few interesting things: 1.) Fraps almost halves my FPS while running any game. I can comfortably run Metro 2033 (shown) at about 40-50 fps on high graphics settings. With Fraps running, fps is down to 20 on average. 2.) Fraps lags during video playback.  If you notice any random lag spikes in the video above, I will note that they did not exist in-game. For some reason while compressing the video, Fraps kind of lagged at some parts. 3.) It’s dark. Really dark. That’s unedited, and it’s about 20% darker than in-game. This shouldn’t be a problem for most things, but Metro 2033 takes place in a dark, grungy, and DARK metro tunnel. So the little added darkness might make for some interesting points.
In other news, I’ve done very little extra on the 00 Raiser. I don’t know why I can’t work on it right now, but I’m in a bit of a slump. And since I want to do a fairly good job on it, I’m gonna wait until I REALLY want to work on it to get back to work. And it’s now August, so I should probably get to work on the Monthly Release Schedule! And I’m going Camping this weekend from Friday (the 3rd) to Sunday (the 5th). I’ll be kickin’ it old school with some friends on the Kancamagus highway, considered one of the most stunning scenes in the US during Autumn! “old school” Means no phones, no technology, and most importantly: bacon and eggs for breakfast, for three straight days! =D

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  1. yeah, it’s better to wait until you get the mood to work… rather than doing a half-assed job on it (like I did on some parts of my PG SF). =|

    • There are two points where I skipped over the classical panel lining method: Once was on the GN Drives, where there were a lot of panel lines around the edge, so it would’ve been very difficult to use the olde wash method. And on the side skirts and hands, where it was late at night and I just wanted to finish for the night… x| Gonna try to stop doing that from now on, since those two parts look SO BAD! TT_TT

      • this is my desk, after getting a desktop… I need to move the keyboard and mousepad to get enough space to write/read… ^^;
        well, small country, small room, small desk… =P

      • Small desk is right! xD Nice Monitor though, snazzy base it’s got! =d And is that a Razer Mamba? High roller!

      • yeah. it’s mamba, and the monitor is samsung SA950… well, I need to move the keyboard before I could read books or write stuffs… ^^;

      • At least it’s not TOO much trouble to move the keyboard for a short while. Looks like it’ll fit nice and cozy on the base of your monitor… Which is a 27″ Full HD 3D Monitor. Man if I already didn’t have a nice TV in my room… ^^;

      • haha the monitor is nice.. I haven’t tested the 3D (nor am I planning to use 3D in near future), but 2D at 120Hz is nice. the color reproduction is good. the problem is it’s ultra glossy, so there’s a lot of glares, but I prefer this compared to most matte screens (they look a bit dull and grainy, but that might only be my taste). =P
        the only thing to nitpick is it’s not 1440p (1080p isn’t bad, but some 27″ screens support up to 1440p)

  2. Yeah from what ive heard around, Fraps does that to like everything. some cites that you place videos on will also sometimes drop down the quality. On youtube it appears that on some minecraft videos it just randomly does that. I can’t really help because my knowledge for recording is 0

    Yeah best to work on it when you feel like it. Rather then doing it badly. This goes for most things in life. As my sudden increase in completion time for RE5 from 15-20 minutes to 50-70 minutes because i wasnt feeling it. I really wanted the Infinite rocket launcher too T_T. Ever have this happen to you?

    • I’m going to play around with some other programs for recording and see what happens. There’s a few that seem to be way better than fraps too.

      I think my worst gaming roadblock came in Gran Turismo 5. I had just finished the 24 hours of Le Mans race that actually took a literal 24 hours to do (really exhausting to drive for that long, even if it was a game), and my only challenge left was the 24 hours of Nurburgring. I simply could not do it for a bout 3 weeks. And it took my brother coming home and him wanting to tag team it to finally get it done. That and it happens all the time in skyrim. I’ll be playing and completely forget what I’m supposed to be doing and completely loose interest… for about 10 minutes.

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