Back to Gunpla!


Hey all! sorry I haven’t been around for, well, awhile. I’ve been quite busy for the past few weeks with work, landscaping at home, and Skyrim (bought Dawnguard – best and worst decision I ever made!). I did, however, go up to Moosehead Lake this past week (got home yesterday!), and I took the MG 00 Raiser with me! I didn’t get too much done, as I wanted to do the best job I could on it so something like cutting and trimming parts took several hours. I still have three parts left (the GN Sword III and the 0 Riser’s Wings), then decal the 0 Raiser, and then I’m done! I really hope to finish in the next few days, as doing that small amount of work up at the lake really got me in the mood to build again, especially since I came home and remembered I had LOADS of models left to build! I did just grab Deponia (Steam Link) and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Steam Link), so I’ll probably be blazing through those also. But one is a point-and-click Adventure, which I can never play for too long, and the other is a fairly linear shooter, which will take me about 20 minutes to beat. ^^’ I do have to finish cleaning my room, since I have about 3 metric tons of crap sitting on my photo booth (well, ‘booth’) that has to go before I can do reviews, but I can throw that back in my closet if I need too (like last time…).

So then! Until, uh, the next time (which will hopefully be soon)!

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