Updated Monthly Release List & News!

Hey all! I just managed to update this Month’s release list ( a little late, I know), and it’s…. excessively boring. Four releases this month! Four! At least one of them is the MG Buster Gundam! =D I also must apologize for the complete lack of attendance lately (well a lot longer than “lately”…), but as the summer wrapped up, I got busier (somehow!), and more and more things got shoved farther and farther to the back of the bus. And then Guild Wars 2 came out (Lightning Review: BUY IT. BUY IT NOW), and well… Let’s just say I’m on my FOURTH character right now… ^^; (Sylvari are badass!). But I digress! I somehow got watching Gundam Unicorn again, and the end of Episode 5 made me both realize: 1.) Gundam rocks (and subsequently Gunpla) and 2.) Sunrise is filled with a bunch of dicks. Horrible, mean, terrible dicks. I mean SERIOUSLY? You leave us with a massive cock-tease for a YEAR!? But I digress…. AGAIN.

What I’ve been MEANING to get to was that I have the 00 Raiser |<–This–>| close to being finished! I swear! I just have to decal the 0 Raiser! Then my plans change! I WAS planning on holding off on the review until I got a new Camera. I’ve been looking to get the Nikon D3100 more and more over the past two months, so now I just need the money! I mean I have the money to grab it, I just don’t like losing a massive chunk of cash like that without at least the same amount of money to supplement it afterwards. I was hoping to get the remaining money from my loan from college by now, but I might have to wait until October! And I don’t feel like going ANOTHER month without anything to give you guys, so I might do some older, far long due reviews until I get my camera! I think that sounds rad, since I STILL haven’t done the second half of the RG RX-78-2 review yet! And it’s been…. HOW LONG!?

Be right back, guys. I need to get to work!

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  1. I’ve seen both MG Buster and MG Aegis on display during the Gundam Expo 2012 Singapore… they’re both awesome, especially the Aegis. it’s really an eye catching display. =)
    RG Zeta, not so awesome, just fine, imo. I mean, it looks good compared to the MG, but compared to other RGs it just look ordinary. still no news about transformation ability too..

    • Whoever designed these new Seed kits really does deserve some kind of award. Preferably the Nobel Peace Prize…

      The Zeta Gundam is one of my all time favorites, so any new Zeta kit is good news for me. I have noticed the details, though. I’ve noticed that as the RG series went on, the kits are kind of less and less detailed. =\ And I’m not too sure about the Transformation of it either, being 1/144 scale and all. But then again if you asked me 2 and a half years ago if they could fit a full internal skeleton in a 1/144 scale kit I wouldn’t have believed you. =)

      • I have to agree about the transformation.. I’d rather get a partially transformable frame with the need to replace parts here and there, than get a fragile fully transformable frame that would drive you mad everytime you try to transform it. =/

        ah, by the way, I’ve started on my next project : http://www.sggunplasociety.com/t1103-mg-freedom-gundam-wip
        damn, that’s probably the one and only update for a while.. really busy with school. I hope I can get something done during the recess week though.

      • I’d much rather have a parts-former than a full on transforming Zeta at that scale too. Brings back horrible memories of my now crippled MG Zeta 2.0 TT_TT

        That Freedom’s looking pretty good! =d Do be careful sanding resin, though! Breathing in too much Resin dust can be quite bad for your health. =x And if only MS-Build had more of their kits in stock. All of the ones I want are gone! D=

      • yep I’ve gotten myself a decent reusable respirator from 3M, which can be used for spray painting too… now I smell no fume at all while painting. =D

        hmm indeed.. but I guess we can’t blame them, since they only run small scale productions, once they run out of stock they need to make sure that there’s enough demand before running the production again. maybe check for some recast?

      • Maybe. To be honest, I’ve never been one for Resin kits too much. There’s only really one I have my eye out for, and it’s always selling out way too quickly! xP If I ever get my hands on it though…

      • hmm mind to tell me what kit you want? maybe I can help… =)

      • It’s Neo-Grade’s Gouf Custom conversion kit. It’s always out of stock and over $100.00 so it’s never really been a realistic purchase for me… xP

      • there you go… http://www.ebay.com/itm/SG222-NG-1-100-Gundam-08M-Team-MS-07B-3-Gouf-Custom-Conversion-Kit-/360481349152
        it’s a recast from Super G.. I’ve heard good and bad things about their products… well, I’ve never been a fan of Gouf, but it surely look badass… O__O”

      • Oh man. you should NOT have showed me that. Now I need to put that on my list…

      • http://gundamguy.blogspot.sg/2012/09/rg-1144-msz-006-zeta-gundam-new-image-w.html


        not sure if I should be happy about that or not… (more toward not, though, given how fragile the inner frames of RG kits are) XD

      • RAD! Now I just might have to buy one… =| Gotta see how that inner frame handles transforming over and over though. My MG Zeta 2.0 handled it about three times…. Before the ankle snapped.

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