October Release Schedule

Hey all! I just got the October Release schedule up, and on time for once! =O If last month was boring, this month is dead. 3 releases! Although we do get the MG Aegis Gundam (what should be the last kit in the SEED MG series, sadly) and the HG Legilis, which I’ve actually been looking forward to, despite the fact I never really got into AGE that much.

In other news, I’m slightly more than ticked at my school for not getting me my reimbursement check from my loans. I still have yet to receive it, despite being told that I should have gotten it the first week of September, when I actually started school. My brother got his three weeks before his classes started, but he is in Graduates School. They sure enjoy taking your money, but boy do they hate giving it back… ^^; I’m hoping to wipe another review off of my list before getting a new camera, but we’ll see how that goes. I also managed to grab some metallic gray paint that I need to test (probably on the Jesta) before deciding if I like it or not. I want to paint the inside frame of the Blitz in that sweet grey metallic that always shows up but that’s never named, but again, testing first. After I find a new box. There’s also someone down the street from me who’s selling an old Grand Cherokee Laredo that I might grab if I can narrow down the price enough…

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