MG Nu gundam Ver Ka

Gunpla news? On this blog? THAT’S INSANE! But anyway, Here I am, slightly depressed at not owning a new camera, hearing about the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Now when I heard about this I was actually about to order the original kit and some resin parts to make it look more like the Gundam Evolve version, but now I don’t need to! =D If you’ve seen this before, you don’t really need to read farther (nothing new here), I’m just gonna gush about how awesome this kit is going to be…

DEM DETAILS. Going from the panel lines, and the slight color difference, I’d say we’re basically looking at a 1/100 Real Grade kit. The level of detail is fantastic, and just on the surface of the kit! =3 I wonder what under the hood looks like…

DEM DETAILS… AGAIN. I’m particularly liking the shoulder joint and it’s double axles. everything is looking so good, though…. =d And did you look just under the neck?

It lights up! =D Oh man I’m getting so excited for this…

some more of DEM DETAILS. The main thruster of the foot actually has a colored part, so no painting is required… at all. It’s that tiny detail that tells me the people working on this gave it all they got, and that this kit’ gonna be awesome.

I was originally going to show you this picture to tell you that the stand this (presumably) comes with looks EXACTLY like the stand on the Hi-Nu, so we’ll be able to show off those fin funnels, unlike some other kits *COUGH*PGSTRIKEFREEDOM*COUGH*. But then I noticed the hands. And the way they’re peculiarly posed. “Nah” I said to myself, “It couldn’t be!” Oh but it is, me. It is.

REAL GRADE HANDS. ON A MASTER GRADE SIZED KIT. If there was any doubt in your mind that this was no longer a Master Grade, and has since transcended into 1/100 RG, let it be gone! Individually posable fingers. On a Master grade kit. This level of (frankly insane) detail used to be reserved for Perfect Grade kits, but I can see that is no more. I’m now certain, more than ever before, that this will be mine. IT WILL BE MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA-COUGH-HACK-WHEEZE.

Oh and here’s a picture of the sticker sheet, even though it no longer matters.

The MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka will be out this December for Â¥7,000, or $90.00 -Totally worth it, cause it’s $70.00 on HLJ! =D

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  1. oh, it’s been a while since I visited your blog… I wonder if this is a good info for you : the markings will be water slides, not stickers. =P
    and they will release extra 6 pcs of fin funnels at bandai premium online shop (you can get one from GG Infinite or other shops).

    damn, I’ll definitely get this kit. (in fact I’ve pre-ordered the extra fin funnels, since they’re on limited run. I might get the kit next year after I finish my resin Freedom).

    • Good! Probably would’ve bought the water slides anyway after they came out… xP Good on Bandai for just giving them to us! I’ve also kept my eye on that fin funnels pack, and don’t know if 50 bucks is doing it for me. Think I’ll just settle for the normal amount… ^^;

      • Haha I could get one for around $30 from a HK seller, add shipping fee and it should be around $40. I think it would look good with FA Unicorn standing side by side. (provided I have enough space to display them) =P

      • I’ll be keeping an eye out at a few other retailers that are starting to get some of Bandai’s special items in. I’ve noticed GG is a little overpriced on those special items. But I think either way I’m gonna be saving money for all of the awesome stuff coming out next year. My wallet will REALLY be hurting this summer! xP

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