Gunpla Expo News!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but school (and Guild Was 2) has kept me far busier than I thought it would. So While I can’t get one of my backlogged reviews done, I am trying to stay more active! Recently, the Gunpla Expo World tour kicked off, and oh so many things have been announced that make my wallet weep! The first thing is up above, it looks like a preview billboard… thing…. for more Real Grade kits. And I would buy every one of those. Right now if I could. There’s some more gunpla goodness after the jump!

The next RG! Destiny Gundam is looking pretty sharp in RG form, and I might actually have to pick one up! I wonder if they’ll do the Impulse Gundams too, since those are some of the best looking design in the series =d

The new MG Strike Gundam! Not really surprised by this, since it’s been so long since the Strike came out, and they could very easily make a new one. Good news for me though, since that means I can round off the MG Seed collection! I do not know why they aren’t releasing the sword and launcher sets with this (seriously, bandai? ._.), but I hope they release them as a booster pack later on (like the RG!)

The Master Grade Sinanju Stein! Since the Sinanju is one of the best Mobile suits designed, period, I’ll probably pick this up. Though there is a version before this(Called the Proto Sinanju), that’s the actual test suit made by Anaheim. And if that eventually gets released it’ll definitely warrant a buy from me more than this.

A Master Grade Jesta! I fell in love with this suit when I first saw it, and ever since I’ve been waiting for the Master Grade. I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when. But now I do: Spring!

This is the ReZEL Type-C. This is not a HG kit. This is the Master Grade. I own the normal ReZEL, but this is just so much better. I thought the Commander version of the ReZEL filled it out a bit better with the wings and all, but this is just so much better! Whatever sacrifice this makes to balance (it’s using a stand in the picture) it’ll be worth it. I’ll buy it it’s own stand if I have to! But this is a must get… like almost everything on this page… ;__;

And the MG v-Gundam once more. Just so you can look at it a bit more… =d

All of these kits(sans v-Gundam) come out Q1 2013 (between January and ‘Spring’ however you define that), so It’s a good thing I’ll have boatloads of cash by then!

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