The Current Project


I’ve been “working” on the MG Banshee for a couple months now, but it’s definitely been an off and on project. This makes my third MG Unicorn build (6th total counting HG kits), and after the Full Armor Unicorn build, I basically have this thing memorized. It’s certainly not the most exciting build at this point, it’s gone from awe at the engineering of the kit to just… just… there’s soooo maaaaany PIECES.



I’m working on finishing the legs now, and I hope (HOPE) to be done within the week. I really can’t work on this for too long, it’s just so boring now… ;___;



This is of course the MG Unicorn at heart, so all of the original (well most of the original) parts stayed in the box, letting the kit be a bit modular in design. That’s certainly to my good fortune as that arm cannon is just soooooo last week. The Claw’s probably going to stay though. Giant claws are awesome!


A few parts came with the Banshee’s clear runners like this newer leg piece. At first I wondered why they did this (Leg pieces and skirt armor pieces went from grey to orange), maybe a new aesthetic for the Banshee? But since there’s no new grey runner that came with the Banshee, they probably just shoved these onto one of the orange ones. I’m painting the inner frame so it’s not like it matters either way… ^^




Speaking of, here’s the pain I plan on using. Some metallic grey, black, gold, and top coat. There will be a full list when (…if?) I do the review so no need to squint at the picture. :3

I’m currently working on a new photo set-up that I hope to experiment with soon, most likely later this week. I have a few HG kits I’ll review using that and see how it looks. The whole thing looks really nice and kind of artsy…. in my head. I guess We’ll see how badly I manage to screw it up!

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