Review! CFB Creator’s Model Gore Magala

I first started playing Monster Hunter a good few years ago – about a decade! I bought Freedom Unite on a whim at a Sears for like 4 bucks and it hooked me. I grabbed Tri on the Wii and bought a 3DS just a few months before 4U hit the west and straight up bought a limited edition New 3DS for Generations. Collectively I’ve poured easily triple, maybe even quadruple digit hours into the Monster Hunter series – and as my love of the series grew so too did my want/need for its merchandise. I’ve wanted to collect MH figures for a while, but it was always a hearty plunge to take. No matter what I’d buy it was always going to be imported and expensive… until I grabbed this guy off eBay for MSRP. I don’t collect figures that often(see: never), and it was an odd photoshoot to do for me with no articulation or accessories to show off, but let’s see how my very first dive into both Figures and Monster Hunter collectibles turns out!

First Impressions

The Gore Magala is easily one of my favorite monsters of Monster Hunter. The Village quests do such a good job of making it a great main villain that dogs you through the entire game. This statue(figure?) I think makes an excellent first impression of that! The pose is great, and every part of the figure(statue?) seems to have at least some detail to zoom in on at first glance. Let’s do some zooming shall we?

A Closer Look

The head is a good enough place to start! I really like the mouth detail and general head sculpt. The only issue I take is in the feelers(horns) – they’re slightly misaligned, and the purple paint that’s supposed to represent a glow just kind of looks sloppily applied. This will be a reoccurring issue.

The shoulders offer some great views! This statue/figure has some amazing variety of textures to show off, and you can get a good taste of them across the shoulders… all four of them. The plates on the wing arms (those would be the upper shoulders) are very glossy, like freshly polished armor, yet the lower shoulders, central back, and front legs are very matte looking. The panel lines between all the various plates and scales are nicely defined as well which helps accentuate those textured looks and just make the stigure look even more detailed! But again we can see the aforementioned paint issue. The area between the shoulders is supposed to glow purple, but again the paint job just looks rushed and sloppy. It doesn’t look too bad from a distance, but once you actually look closely at the figure you definitely notice. Counter to this is the purple on the right wing arm and wing you can see in the second shot, that not only looks well done but is bright enough to even look ‘glowy’ in more direct light!

A close look at both the front leg and the base. I really like the textures and look of the base, even though it’s just supposed to be a thing the figure rests on it looks just as great and draws your eye just as much as the fatue!

This is the left wing arm propping the Gore up on its perch. Not only does it make for an excellent pose, but they really went a bit farther with the detail. If you look at the claws you can see marks where they’ve been digging in for better grip!

A look at the tail and hind leg. Again you get good variations in texture, not only in the monster but also on the rock! I could have sworn its tail was longer though… In the second picture we come to problem #2 with this stagure: part gaps. You can see small gaps between the parts on the hind legs knee and right on its foot. Again it’s not a problem from afar but you don’t have to get very close to start seeing it.

A quick peek at the back before we move onto the wings. This is where you get a really nice sense of that texture since the wings are very matte looking and that spine plating is oh so glossy.

Now the wings! In-game the Gore Magala has amazing looking wings -looking like a cape draped over a villain when closed in on the body and have amazing looking flow when open- and I think that’s captured very well here. The tattered ends I especially like. The paint job on the inside of the wings is easily the best on the entire figtue. The paint gradients, the detail, the textures, it all comes to a very fine point right there and just looks genuinely amazing. And look! From far away and out of focus, the feelers look like they’re glowing! Now onto the worst thing on this kit…

If you look close on the right wing arms claw you can see both part gaps and flash from the molding process, it’s even clearly present on the bottom claw in that shot! As far as figure faults and defects go it’s not terrible and is at least hidden by the paint a bit. But I find it a negative non-the-less, for something this expensive I’d really expect something like molding flash to be trimmed off properly. I find it doubly annoying being a model builder. I’m used to flash, but I can’t really trim it off on a fully painted figure without some possibly major restoration work involved.


Sharpness +1

The Good

  1. The attention to detail is astounding! Every nook and cranny of this Statue/figure has amazing detail to look at.
  2. The paint is [mostly] great! Use of multiple top coats for varying degrees of texture gives everything a visual depth, and the color variance is good for something that’s supposed to be 99% black.
  3. The size is impressive! HxWxL is about 8x8x9 in. or 20x20x22 cm. Not huge, but certainly big enough to be the centerpiece of a collection!

The Bad

  1. Part gaps and flash. I find this point to be a big negative, but that I feel is going to be personal. On a fully finished figure/statue like this I just really expect it to be, you know, finished. The part gaps I can find excusable -not everything comes out of a mold the same- but the flashing is not.

The Meh

  1. The paint is lackluster in some areas. The purple across the body is supposed to represent glowing, but most of it just comes of like sloppy paint work.

The Verdict

Obviously the main question in any review is simple: Should one buy one? For my first real foray into both figure collecting and Monster Hunter collectibles, I can only say I’m impressed. With only a couple major issues that disappear at arms length I’m extremely happy with having a Gore Magala sitting angrily on my desk. The only issue I really have in suggesting you pick one up is well… you can’t. It was discontinued years ago and I picked mine up on eBay and you would, too. If you have no problems with that and the premiums it entails, then This is a great piece of Monster Hunter to grab! 

Item info

Name: Capcom Figure builder (CFB) Creator’s Model Gore Magala. Say that 3 times fast.

Release Date: September 2014

Availability: Discontinued.

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