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Aaaaand We’re Back

Gore Set

Ominous, right?

Review Update! Getting there…

This is the soul reason I have been so lackadaisical with doing the reviews I kind of owe you guys (and yes. I know what Lackadaisical means) ^^;. but after I bought the supplies needed (which was only going to be one piece of black poster board (which – I was hoping – going to be bigger) but hey! they had a pack of five for three bucks. I ♥ Staples!), and a good five minutes of set-up time, I’m good to go. So I think I’ll shoot both reviews, then slowly write them both out over the next couple of days. Well, I do get easily distracted… is that CAKE!?

Model Update! HGUC Kshatriya

So this would be one of those incidents where you go to look at a model. And then it’s half done! I have a good chunk of the Kshatriya done, say about: 60%. Lets take a look at what we’ve got so far!

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Ooh, look! A new Phone!

Alright. So. I got the new iPhone 4! And to be absolutely, completely honest with you… I LOVE it. It’s just so sexy! But for me, one of the real perks, is on the back!

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Experiments, and Zoids!

So yeah! New theme. I kind of like it. Just came out today! Gonna have to tweak it though. We’ll see how it goes. Also Zoids. If you’ve never heard of Zoids (you have), it stands for ‘Zoic Androids’ (Yes, I had to Google that.) And are possibly one of the best line of toys ever. Even rivaling Gundam. The series originally came out in the 1980’s, and was on and off until 1999 (I think) when Takara Tomy (Hasbro in the US) released a line of Zoids that coincided with the events in a show (Zoids: Chaotic Century). What I liked most about these is that the toy line was almost exclusively models. And at that time, Gundam models started getting scarce. Though that line ended in like 2006 (I think), Kotobukiya has begun to release High Quality kits of some models. And I figured it was only a matter of time before they announced the release of a Liger or two.

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Guess who’s back?

I am! That’s right. Been gone for what? A month? A MONTH AND THREE DAYS?! Good Lord. Alright now. Well, I’m back, had some stuff to do, got busy, lost the connector cable for my camera, forgot about my blog for a while, remembered my blog, looked for/found my connector cable for my camera, and shot a review for a couple models. That was the past month. More or less. I was going to get back on sooner, but I actually did lose the cable for my camera. And on top of that, I kind of sort of lost most of the photo’s for my GN-X. Including a couple of build ones, it’s been interesting trying to dig them out of my computer, but it didn’t work. So I’m going to have to redo my review for it. But on a later date. So I decided to sit down and build the HGUC Unicorn Gundam (D-M). Fun little build, if you want a spoiler. I’ll have the review up TOMORROW. God himself would have to intervene to stop me from putting this up! (that said, I’ll probably fall down the stairs and snap my Femur in half now… xD)

P.S. I also thought about redoing my Blog layout, but I couldn’t find a new theme I liked. Think I’ll keep this one, but I MIGHT just put in the 15 bucks to get access to the Editor for the site (they give you a free blog, then make you pay for the other stuff. They are good). Maybe when This becomes a little more popular…

Deikun OUT!


They’re here! Ordered these models about a month ago, and they just arrived(the Red Frame was on backorder)! A total of seven models, that I actually got in place of a PG 00 Raiser, which I decided was not going to fit anywhere in my house, much less my room. So I traded it for these, which actually came out to the EXACT same price! =D If some of the boxes look a bit rough, that’s because the box got almost completely soaked during shipping. In the end though, non of the models themselves were really harmed. So let’s take a brief look, shall we?

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MG Musha Gundam Mark II, April Release Schedule, and more!

Alright, so I’ll have that Exia Review up tomorrow. I swear. xD ANYWAY: Out first official look at the Shin Musha Gundam Mk II! All I have to say is, lots of Gold Chrome parts….Oo I don’t like gold Chrome parts. Lets hope the nubs are at least well hidden. Read the rest of this entry

HGUC Unicorn Gundam with Head Display base?

And here I am! After what? Two weeks, of nothing on here? Gonna try to keep things a lot more tidy around here. I’m actually typing the Exia Review as we speak you read. And if all goes according to plan, it should be up by tomorrow (or the next day, bt it WILL be up). Now, onto the news!

Well this is weird. I have NEVER seen a case where Bandai released a Magazine special outside of the magazine. Was it that popular? I mean, It is awesome, but popular enough to release a limited edition release as a limited edition release, again?

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Perfct Grade Pictures!

Now. There’s Box-Art, and there’s Box-Art! This would go under the Box-Art! category. It’s got action, poses, and explosions. I like it. They also have the Unicorn w/ Cage box-art, but I haven’t seen it in a sizable, uh, size yet. I’m working on reviews, but this is incase I don’t get it done today xP

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