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Review! CFB Creator’s Model Gore Magala

I first started playing Monster Hunter a good few years ago – about a decade! I bought Freedom Unite on a whim at a Sears for like 4 bucks and it hooked me. I grabbed Tri on the Wii and bought a 3DS just a few months before 4U hit the west and straight up bought a limited edition New 3DS for Generations. Collectively I’ve poured easily triple, maybe even quadruple digit hours into the Monster Hunter series – and as my love of the series grew so too did my want/need for its merchandise. I’ve wanted to collect MH figures for a while, but it was always a hearty plunge to take. No matter what I’d buy it was always going to be imported and expensive… until I grabbed this guy off eBay for MSRP. I don’t collect figures that often(see: never), and it was an odd photoshoot to do for me with no articulation or accessories to show off, but let’s see how my very first dive into both Figures and Monster Hunter collectibles turns out!

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MG Musha Gundam Mark II, April Release Schedule, and more!

Alright, so I’ll have that Exia Review up tomorrow. I swear. xD ANYWAY: Out first official look at the Shin Musha Gundam Mk II! All I have to say is, lots of Gold Chrome parts….Oo I don’t like gold Chrome parts. Lets hope the nubs are at least well hidden. Read the rest of this entry

Perfct Grade Pictures!

Now. There’s Box-Art, and there’s Box-Art! This would go under the Box-Art! category. It’s got action, poses, and explosions. I like it. They also have the Unicorn w/ Cage box-art, but I haven’t seen it in a sizable, uh, size yet. I’m working on reviews, but this is incase I don’t get it done today xP

Bandai also released images (FINALLY) of their Perfect Grade special editions. Seen below! Read the rest of this entry

March Madness!

If you don’t already know: A TON of stuff is being released this month. A TON! Below is a full list of everything Bandai is releasing through out March. *Note that all ‘Clear Part Campaign’ models have a star before their name, just in case you’re not interested in them.

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Chogokin Evangelion -ANIMA- Super Evangelion

Now, I try my best to keep this strictly Gunpla, but once in a while there’s something worth posting (usually a lot ^^;) that’s not. This is the Chogokin Eva “Super Evangelion” and it looks awesome!

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