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Experimenting with the new camera (I told you I got one, right?)! It starting snowing with snowflakes large enough to see, so I figured I should take this time to experiment with my camera, and I think the result (one of MANY) turned out good! I still have some more experimenting to go with my photo “booth”, the fluorescent lighting is throwing everything off… >.< Well, just thought I’d let you know I’m not dead! =D

Back to Gunpla!


Hey all! sorry I haven’t been around for, well, awhile. I’ve been quite busy for the past few weeks with work, landscaping at home, and Skyrim (bought Dawnguard – best and worst decision I ever made!). I did, however, go up to Moosehead Lake this past week (got home yesterday!), and I took the MG 00 Raiser with me! I didn’t get too much done, as I wanted to do the best job I could on it so something like cutting and trimming parts took several hours. I still have three parts left (the GN Sword III and the 0 Riser’s Wings), then decal the 0 Raiser, and then I’m done! I really hope to finish in the next few days, as doing that small amount of work up at the lake really got me in the mood to build again, especially since I came home and remembered I had LOADS of models left to build! I did just grab Deponia (Steam Link) and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Steam Link), so I’ll probably be blazing through those also. But one is a point-and-click Adventure, which I can never play for too long, and the other is a fairly linear shooter, which will take me about 20 minutes to beat. ^^’ I do have to finish cleaning my room, since I have about 3 metric tons of crap sitting on my photo booth (well, ‘booth’) that has to go before I can do reviews, but I can throw that back in my closet if I need too (like last time…).

So then! Until, uh, the next time (which will hopefully be soon)!

The Humble Bundle 5

The Humble Indie Bundle 5 is out! Which means it’s time again to pay very little money for so much gaming. And did I mention that it’s for charity? Yeah. It is. Which I’m pretty sure means it’s tax deductible! =D Here are the games for it:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent



Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP

Bastion (if you pay more than the average price $7.24)

All 5 game soundtracks.

All that goodness (about $110.00 worth) is priced at whatever the hell you feel like, so go get some good games!

Current Project!

My current project so far, which I started while building the FA Unicorn Gundam. The HG 1/144 Banshee is a little more tedious compared to other HG kits. Though of course I’m painting all of the psycho frame, so that doesn’t help… -_- Anyway, I only have the legs to do: Finish trimming parts, build a leg and find out which parts need to be painted, paint them, and then I’m done! I also want to shoot this and maybe a couple other reviews before I move on to my next “Major” project: The MG 00 Raiser! I also have the May Release list compiled, though I’ll probably just wait until June, given that the month is almost anyway. I’m also starting work after this week, though my boss said that he can’t guarantee me a lot of hours, so I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of time for models!

And Skyrim…


The Saga is Complete

…The desk saga that is! I planned on this being done about two weeks ago, but that’s just kinda how my life rolls… I’m VERY happy with how this turned out in the end! It almost looks professional! My old desk had 6 square feet of space and was as stable as an octopus on roller skates. This one? 12.5 square feet! And it’s as solid as Mt. Vesuvius (before it erupts)! I honestly don’t really know what to do with all that space yet, but I’ll work something out. Right now about half of my bedroom is completely displaced so it’ll be a little while before I get everything settled and I’m able to work on models again. Until then!


No picture today. No time.

I recently installed Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro. All was going good until I ran out of room. Lo! I had not given enough room to my partition! It’s generally not an easy fix, but there are programs you can use to manually adjust partition sizes. Looking back, it would’ve been far easier to just wipe out Windows 7 and reinstall it on a larger partition (not like I had anything important on there anyway!). I found a program called iPartition, which manages your partitions for you, and changes the size of them without you having to delete anything. But in order for you to change your HD, you need to access it from a different location. So I hooked my MBP to my parents iMac, and turned my computer into a temporary hard drive. But while my computer was hooked up to the iMac undergoing partition resizing, I knocked it over. Down to the floor it went! And the cable came unplugged. My computer is fine. Macs are built well, and a 3 foot drop won’t do one in. The trouble lies in the fact that the cable came out. My computer went through the equivalent of having it’s heart ripped out in the middle of surgery!

To make a long story short: Everything is gone. All of my music, all of my photos, everything. Gone! And to be honest I don’t really care. My entire iTunes library is synced up to my PS3. The click of a button and bam! I have my music back. All of the games I had on it were through Steam, and that never saves anything to a system. No. My problem is with the photo’s. Every single picture I have ever taken for this blog is now gone. Though every picture that has appeared on this blog is fine, since they’re on WordPress servers. I had about 3 projects worth of photo’s on my computer. 2 of them were reviews, which are replaceable. The FA Unicorn Gundam Build, which I am 60% done with, is not. My only real option is to take all the pieces apart and redo the shoot, which I might do, but later.I still had the Windows 7 start disk, so my computer is now solely running windows 7. I’m going to take it to an apple store soon and see what they can do (hopefully reinstall OSX Lion), but I don’t expect to get anything back from my ‘old’ computer…. I miss OSX already…

Desk Progress – Finishing touches

My desk is finally reaching the finishing stages! The legs are together, but I still have to sand and stain them. I still need to put the trim on the sides; and, of course, get the glass/acrylic. Which I still haven’t done. I did get some pricing on acrylic sheets, however! And things aren’t much better than glass. Because the size of the sheet I need is too large for the ones most stores have in stock, I’d need to custom order a full size sheet (4×8 feet!) and cut it to fit. Do you want to know how much a 4×8 foot sheet of 1/4″ acrylic is? Four hundred dollars. I’m not even TRYING To joke. The glass I need is HALF the price of that. The SAME price frosted! So I might go back to glass! But in lighter news that desk is SOLID. As is expected, since it’s almost entirely made of solid wood! The legs are just sitting under the desk (they’re not permanently attached) and the thing barely rocks! It’s 31″ high, which is perfect for me and my desk chair (I’m not tall but I’m above average), and there’s more room than I know what to do with. Tomorrow I’ll sand/stain/attach (maybe) the legs and work a bit on the trim (which will also be stained). I’m gonna wait until I have the top done and ready to actually fit the trim, since some of the dimensions are slightly off in the table, and I might need to cut the trim back a bit to cope with any over hang. So until the next update!

ME3 and News!

Yes. Mass Effect 3! The reason I haven’t been around for a while! Fantastic game, you should get it! I have the N7 Collector’s Edition (which sadly does NOT come with a Normandy Replica. I was just showing it off. Again.), as is proper. This past week has actually been kind of hectic, so I haven’t got a LOT done in terms of Gunpla, but then again, Mass Effect 3! It’s also been REALLY warm here the past few days. March here in Maine usually is filled with snow, but it’s 19°C out! And as far as I know, it’s not getting colder anytime soon. Which is good! Because that means I can change my blog over to the Spring theme (which is the classic green ^^;)! I’ve also been dying to do a spring cleaning with my room, as I plan to actually do something with all of the amassed Gunpla boxes I own…

Haven’t made much progress with the FA Unicorn (you can still see the Gatling guns to the left), but I have been slowly shooting the MG Wing Gundam review, so that might be up this week! The HG Banshee is also calling out my name, which in tradition Irish lore, means I’m about to die! The MG Duel Gundam AS gets into Tatsu Hobby Friday, and I have it pre-ordered, so that’ll ship out as well! Now I’m actually in a building mood, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Gunpla to build!

We’re going Pro!

Just over 2 years old, and I just started sinking money into this blog! WordPress gives you a free blog, but you have to pay for things like space upgrades, domain name changes, video uploading, etc… Which I just did! They have this keen thing called a Pro Bundle that includes: Domain Name, No Ads (did I have them before?), VideoPress (uploading Video), 10GB Space upgrade (WordPress starts you out with 3GB), and Custom Design. Nothing to motivate you to blog more like dropping $100.00 on your blog! I changed the domain to, though it’s having some trouble recognizing it. So while redirects here, the domain of the site is still, for now! This site’s Domain name is just now! The old domain,, is still around, but just redirects to the new one now!

Desk Progress! Part 2!

Yay! The tile work on the top looks MUCH better than thought it would (and I thought it would good!) They’re not permanently attached yet, just laid out how I want them.  I also screwed several 2×4’s to the bottom of the desk to make it more sturdy. My main worry was that the table might sag after a while, and the glass on top would have nothing to sit on. Too much weight at that point would just make it crack. but I don’t have to worry about it now! I’m not getting glass. a 2×4 foot sheet of frosted glass? Yeah it’s 200 dollars! Not happening. I think I’ll get some heavy-duty plexiglass instead. Don’t really need it frosted! From here, I need to glue down the panels, shape the trim, put on the legs (after staining), and get the plexiglass. After that? This should be all wrapped up, and I’ll have a new desk!

As for Gunpla: I JUST got around to finally top coating the Wing Gundam a few days ago! I figure that the next review to come from this blog will either be The FA Unicorn (if I can finish it!), the MG Wing Gundam, or the MG Deathscythe Hell. Whichever one I feel like doing! It might be the Wing Gundam, since I’m kind of fond of the kit!