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Fraps test

This is just a quick video test for recording with Fraps (the trial version only lets you get 30 second clips)! It’s a good thing I did this, since I noticed a few interesting things: 1.) Fraps almost halves my FPS while running any game. I can comfortably run Metro 2033 (shown) at about 40-50 fps on high graphics settings. With Fraps running, fps is down to 20 on average. 2.) Fraps lags during video playback.  If you notice any random lag spikes in the video above, I will note that they did not exist in-game. For some reason while compressing the video, Fraps kind of lagged at some parts. 3.) It’s dark. Really dark. That’s unedited, and it’s about 20% darker than in-game. This shouldn’t be a problem for most things, but Metro 2033 takes place in a dark, grungy, and DARK metro tunnel. So the little added darkness might make for some interesting points.
In other news, I’ve done very little extra on the 00 Raiser. I don’t know why I can’t work on it right now, but I’m in a bit of a slump. And since I want to do a fairly good job on it, I’m gonna wait until I REALLY want to work on it to get back to work. And it’s now August, so I should probably get to work on the Monthly Release Schedule! And I’m going Camping this weekend from Friday (the 3rd) to Sunday (the 5th). I’ll be kickin’ it old school with some friends on the Kancamagus highway, considered one of the most stunning scenes in the US during Autumn! “old school” Means no phones, no technology, and most importantly: bacon and eggs for breakfast, for three straight days! =D

News and stuff!

A few things to go over after being gone for a while! First thing should be obvious: The Steam Summer Sale! =D I just dropped $100.00 on games! But I saved oh-so-much more! Totally worth it! So if there’s some game you’ve always wanted, you should go grab it now, because it’s on sale. Right now. If you don’t own Skyrim on the PC, by the way, get it now. Top Tip of the day!

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00 Raiser WIP 2!

Got the Gundam done! Well ,not ALL done, I still have to do the  backpack and weapons, and then it’s done.  Now up to this point, there has been almost no deviation from the Quanta’s build, so I won’t be posting this section up in the build. The only difference (apart from some armor pieces on the legs and shoulders) is the head. Since it lights up (SO BOSS) it has a clear peg going down into the neck. This limits movement somewhat, but I’ll get to that in the build! I expect the next few parts of the build to move fairly quickly, so the next post you’ll see here will probably be the Build post of the 00 Raiser Review! Hopefully that’s not like, next year or something… xD

00 Raiser WIP 1!

That was quick, wasn’t it? I’m loving the 00 Gundam so far, if for nothing else because it’s not a Unicorn Gundam… ^^; Managed to get the head done in about an hour, and the body in the same amount of time. I originally was going to go with my normal painting scheme with the eyes (Paint area black, paint eyes white, paint eyes metallic green), but since this lights up, I’d figure I wouldn’t paint the eyes, and that turned into an interesting experience. What I did was after I put a coat of paint on the eye section, I scraped off the individual eyes with a toothpick after letting the paint set for about 10 minutes. Sound like a pain? You bet! =D I am very happy with the result, though! The Gundam looks so much more badass with glowing eyes… ;__;

I’ll be gone most of the day tomorrow, so I probably won’t get much more done, but I might try to get an arm finished later today if I can!

MG 00 Raiser: A Closer Look

The next project! I don’t plan to do anything snazzy with this, just panel line and decal, I don’t even think I’m going to top coat it (mainly because I’m out of Top Coat anyway…). Of course I didn’t do anything snazzy with the FA Unicorn and that took over a month! -_-‘ I do plan, however, to panel line it in the ‘classic’ way, with some black paint and thinner, so everything looks nice and crisp!

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Model News!

It’s been a while since I did a news post, and I needed a break from the Strike Freedom Anyhow. Luckily, there’s plenty of interesting and cool stuff happening in the world of Gunpla Now-a-days!

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Wing ‘EW’ in-depth, and October release schedule

First off! A more detailed look the variations of the mobile suits that will most likely be the Master Grade kits coming out. You can see in the upper left corner that these suits are the First version of the Gundams (before the mid-season upgrade) in the series made into ‘Endless Waltz’ Ver-OMG LOOK AT THE SANDROCK! *AHEM. Release schedule for October after the Break…

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HG 00 Raiser Review

Woot! My first HG Review! ^^; I only have four models from the Gundam 00 series, so I’m pretty late to the scene… ^^; I do feel bad about not buying loads of these models earlier as they are FANTASTIC! What Bandai has been able to do with 1/144 scale models today astounds me. Read the rest of this entry