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The Current Project


I’ve been “working” on the MG Banshee for a couple months now, but it’s definitely been an off and on project. This makes my third MG Unicorn build (6th total counting HG kits), and after the Full Armor Unicorn build, I basically have this thing memorized. It’s certainly not the most exciting build at this point, it’s gone from awe at the engineering of the kit to just… just… there’s soooo maaaaany PIECES.

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It’s been a year and a day since I last posted on this blog! I can’t say I haven’t been busy though. School started to take up a lot more time than I thought it would, and Guild Wars 2 is a thing that exists (and that I’m addicted to). Sadly I had to start cutting some things out, and Gunpla happens to be the most time consuming hobby I have (My time frame for building a kit easily triples when I shoot a build/review of it), so it was the first to go, and it sadly stayed away for quite a while. But no more! I think it’s mostly that I’ve been re-watching a lot of old Gundam series, and combining that with playing Pokemon Y, I’ve been slowly slipping back into my childhood over the past month, and that’s the best place I can probably ever hope to end up. I dunno, I just wanna build some Gundam models right now. I would, but it’s terribly late and I’m sleeping after this is posted. I was honestly hoping to start posting a LOT earlier than this. I’ve re-shot the 00 Raiser Review about 2 or 3 times now and every time I do it I look at it after a while and completely hate what I did, scrap it, and re-do it. Though for the majority of the past year, my photo “booth” has been as it looks above: Completely covered in stuff. So I haven’t got much in the way of photos taken. This blog very routinely hits over a 100 views a day, which is a really big increase from last year, and I’m glad to see that it not only hasn’t died, but has gotten MORE popular the longer I left it alone. That’s a pretty big reason I’m here now, if there were only one or two (or no) posts a day, I’d probably leave this blog for dead, but seeing it fairly active was a bit refreshing! I have some things I’m working on right now, and some things I have planned, but they’ll most likely have to wait until next week to even talk about. This week is my final week of classes for the semester, and then I’m free for a month and a half!


Sorry for the sudden and rather large blob of [probably] incoherent text rambling. Like I said I’ll try my best to post a thing or two over the course of the week, though most likely it’ll wait for this weekend. Feels kind of good to be back! (for now)

A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

So if you’re curious (Which I know you aren’t) I just read my review of the MG Blue Frame. It the was the first review I have ever written on this blog, and indeed one of the first post ever published here! And it’s the first time I have ever read it. I kid you not, but I very rarely read the reviews I write. I forget what made me read it, but I read it.

And good GOD was it bad. Not just the pictures (blurry as hell) but the writing was just… off. So I fixed it! I didn’t redo the pictures or anything (yet), I just re-sized them and fixed the writing for grammar and flow. It’s much better than it used to be, but not as good as my reviews are now (if you like to consider my current review style good, sans the months long hiatus). And you know what? That process brought me back! Reading through that review brought me back to the first days of this blog, and back to that model. I really liked the Blue Frame (even more than the Red Frame, if you wanna know),  and I really like this blog! The pictures were even sized to the original theme I had (Monochrome if you wanna know)! And as of late, I think I’ve fallen out of love with this. Not just this blog, but building models as a whole. Reading that review reminded me of how much I enjoyed not just building the Blue Frame, but how much I enjoyed writing it’s review! I even remember that about half-way through writing it, my computer died and I had to start ALL over again. But I still enjoyed writing it!

So I’m writing this to tell you I hope to start enjoying models (and this blog!) once again. I probably can’t nail down the reason I fell into this slump (Yes I can: Guild Wars 2), and I don’t know if I’m buying a camera just so I hope it’ll get me back into things, but I really want to start loving Gunpla again!

Maybe… After I explore this area in Guild Wars 2… ah, well… After this event….

Updated Monthly Release List & News!

Hey all! I just managed to update this Month’s release list ( a little late, I know), and it’s…. excessively boring. Four releases this month! Four! At least one of them is the MG Buster Gundam! =D I also must apologize for the complete lack of attendance lately (well a lot longer than “lately”…), but as the summer wrapped up, I got busier (somehow!), and more and more things got shoved farther and farther to the back of the bus. And then Guild Wars 2 came out (Lightning Review: BUY IT. BUY IT NOW), and well… Let’s just say I’m on my FOURTH character right now… ^^; (Sylvari are badass!). But I digress! I somehow got watching Gundam Unicorn again, and the end of Episode 5 made me both realize: 1.) Gundam rocks (and subsequently Gunpla) and 2.) Sunrise is filled with a bunch of dicks. Horrible, mean, terrible dicks. I mean SERIOUSLY? You leave us with a massive cock-tease for a YEAR!? But I digress…. AGAIN.

What I’ve been MEANING to get to was that I have the 00 Raiser |<–This–>| close to being finished! I swear! I just have to decal the 0 Raiser! Then my plans change! I WAS planning on holding off on the review until I got a new Camera. I’ve been looking to get the Nikon D3100 more and more over the past two months, so now I just need the money! I mean I have the money to grab it, I just don’t like losing a massive chunk of cash like that without at least the same amount of money to supplement it afterwards. I was hoping to get the remaining money from my loan from college by now, but I might have to wait until October! And I don’t feel like going ANOTHER month without anything to give you guys, so I might do some older, far long due reviews until I get my camera! I think that sounds rad, since I STILL haven’t done the second half of the RG RX-78-2 review yet! And it’s been…. HOW LONG!?

Be right back, guys. I need to get to work!

Fraps test

This is just a quick video test for recording with Fraps (the trial version only lets you get 30 second clips)! It’s a good thing I did this, since I noticed a few interesting things: 1.) Fraps almost halves my FPS while running any game. I can comfortably run Metro 2033 (shown) at about 40-50 fps on high graphics settings. With Fraps running, fps is down to 20 on average. 2.) Fraps lags during video playback.  If you notice any random lag spikes in the video above, I will note that they did not exist in-game. For some reason while compressing the video, Fraps kind of lagged at some parts. 3.) It’s dark. Really dark. That’s unedited, and it’s about 20% darker than in-game. This shouldn’t be a problem for most things, but Metro 2033 takes place in a dark, grungy, and DARK metro tunnel. So the little added darkness might make for some interesting points.
In other news, I’ve done very little extra on the 00 Raiser. I don’t know why I can’t work on it right now, but I’m in a bit of a slump. And since I want to do a fairly good job on it, I’m gonna wait until I REALLY want to work on it to get back to work. And it’s now August, so I should probably get to work on the Monthly Release Schedule! And I’m going Camping this weekend from Friday (the 3rd) to Sunday (the 5th). I’ll be kickin’ it old school with some friends on the Kancamagus highway, considered one of the most stunning scenes in the US during Autumn! “old school” Means no phones, no technology, and most importantly: bacon and eggs for breakfast, for three straight days! =D

It’s my Birthday!

Yeah! Today’s my birthday! If you’re curious, I’m 19 years old! Above is the take for today, the last for a while. And by a while I mean 2 weeks. A closer-ish look at the three after the jump, with some more ideas I’m throwing around.

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Gunpla News, Birthdays, and More!

There is SO much stuff coming out that I need to get. Like. A lot. Probably too much. Loads of new Gunpla, the PS Vita, probably going to grab an iPad 3 when that comes out later this year…

But first things first!  I got around to updating the Monthly Releases list a couple of days ago, so you can check that out here! I also finally got around to updating the Future page too! There’s some other news and info just past the gap, if you care to read on!

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Twelve Days of… Something.

School is winding down for the winter and I’m about to have a month of free time on my hands. That’s not really something I’m used to. So I figured that I’m going to get back into blogging (regularly)! To help me do this, I’m going to make a post everyday, up until Christmas (i.e. The Twelve Days of Christmas)! I don’t know exactly what they’ll be about, Gundam or no, but they’ll be posts. On my blog. For more than one day a month. And yes, this counts. So up above is everything I owe you to review (so far). That picture also reaffirms several things: The Sinanju is HUGE even in 1/144 scale! Deathscythe still looks bad-ass in that pose, and I really like the Unicorn Gundam in that pose.

Until tomorrow!

Progress Report!

I really like that picture. took it using candle light in a dimly lit room. I thought it worked! Anyway this is the reason I didn’t want to do reviews yet. I started the Deathscythe Hell a couple of weeks ago, and until now I’ve been working fairly slowly at it. And as of right now, I’m still waiting to top coat the arms, cause I ran out and had to order more…

Anyway, I have the MG 00 Quanta’s review Finished, I just have to write it, along with the HG Sinanju and I’m ALMOST finished with the RG Gundam Review. I’m thinking of redoing the Review process a little bit, and wanted to start it off with the Deathescythe hell. But I think I’m going to finish it off with 00 Quanta, THEN move on. I hope.

Work In Progress: HGUC Unicorn Gundm +

Sorry about the whole no-post-in-two-weeks thing. It gets hellish around Christmas time at my house (you should really see it though, so many beautiful Christmas lights… TT_TT). I started my HGUC Unicorn Gundam about Back in August, when I went up to the Lake. Though I only built the Kit itself, as I had plans for the Head Display base. And as you can see, they’re mostly done! The Display base itself was molded in all white, and I really didn’t like that! Masking it was a semi-huge pain in the ass, but the finished effects are very nice (more in the actual review, of course) I just have the actual head part to finish, and then I can do the review (should’t be too hard…) I’m gonna try to do this after the Real Grade’s review is done, but I might have other plans by then. I’m used to it, really. Just ask my MG Hi-v Gundam! ;D