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News and stuff!

A few things to go over after being gone for a while! First thing should be obvious: The Steam Summer Sale! =D I just dropped $100.00 on games! But I saved oh-so-much more! Totally worth it! So if there’s some game you’ve always wanted, you should go grab it now, because it’s on sale. Right now. If you don’t own Skyrim on the PC, by the way, get it now. Top Tip of the day!

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Progress Report!

I really like that picture. took it using candle light in a dimly lit room. I thought it worked! Anyway this is the reason I didn’t want to do reviews yet. I started the Deathscythe Hell a couple of weeks ago, and until now I’ve been working fairly slowly at it. And as of right now, I’m still waiting to top coat the arms, cause I ran out and had to order more…

Anyway, I have the MG 00 Quanta’s review Finished, I just have to write it, along with the HG Sinanju and I’m ALMOST finished with the RG Gundam Review. I’m thinking of redoing the Review process a little bit, and wanted to start it off with the Deathescythe hell. But I think I’m going to finish it off with 00 Quanta, THEN move on. I hope.

Oh That Mysterious Box~ pt. 3

Yay boxes! So this shipped out Monday, and got here Wednesday. God I love EMS! So. What’s inside this box, you ask?

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Such a beautiful box!

If you’re familiar with this blog (or frequent it by any amount) you surely know of my fascination with Box art. And this. By FAR. Is the best that I have ever seen from Bandai!

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