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It’s Finally Here.

Do you know how long I have waited for this moment? Quite a while. News has been floating around about this since Bioware released the Normandy SR-2 Replica last year, and they finally (FINALLY) announced the release of a Sovereign Replica Statue! It stands 18.5″ tall (Just about 47cm), and is a lovely, conservative, $350.00. They’re limiting the production (at least this run) to 1000 units, and it’s not available until June. You DO, however, have to drop off a $100.00 deposit before that time (presuming all 1000 are sold by then), and then pay the other $250.00 when it ships. I do find that a bit expensive (and so does probably EVERYONE ELSE) but Sovereign (and most Reapers from Mass Effect) is easily one of my favorite Sci-Fi ship designs of all time, if not THE favorite. I’m hoping it’ll be of the same quality of the Normandy, and if it is we’re looking forward to 18 inches of pure Die-Cast bliss. If you’re feeling up to it, Lay your deposit down here!

A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

So if you’re curious (Which I know you aren’t) I just read my review of the MG Blue Frame. It the was the first review I have ever written on this blog, and indeed one of the first post ever published here! And it’s the first time I have ever read it. I kid you not, but I very rarely read the reviews I write. I forget what made me read it, but I read it.

And good GOD was it bad. Not just the pictures (blurry as hell) but the writing was just… off. So I fixed it! I didn’t redo the pictures or anything (yet), I just re-sized them and fixed the writing for grammar and flow. It’s much better than it used to be, but not as good as my reviews are now (if you like to consider my current review style good, sans the months long hiatus). And you know what? That process brought me back! Reading through that review brought me back to the first days of this blog, and back to that model. I really liked the Blue Frame (even more than the Red Frame, if you wanna know),  and I really like this blog! The pictures were even sized to the original theme I had (Monochrome if you wanna know)! And as of late, I think I’ve fallen out of love with this. Not just this blog, but building models as a whole. Reading that review reminded me of how much I enjoyed not just building the Blue Frame, but how much I enjoyed writing it’s review! I even remember that about half-way through writing it, my computer died and I had to start ALL over again. But I still enjoyed writing it!

So I’m writing this to tell you I hope to start enjoying models (and this blog!) once again. I probably can’t nail down the reason I fell into this slump (Yes I can: Guild Wars 2), and I don’t know if I’m buying a camera just so I hope it’ll get me back into things, but I really want to start loving Gunpla again!

Maybe… After I explore this area in Guild Wars 2… ah, well… After this event….

Guild Wars 2

Hey, did you know I pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 when I was first able to do so? NEITHER DID I! =D But yesterday I got a magical email containing my activation code, and I have almost been gaming non-stop since. Almost. Did manage to clean my room, and work on the 00 Raiser a bit, though! All that’s left for me to do is Decal the 0 Raiser and build the GN Sword III (not much progress since last time…. xP). School does start up next week, but it’s not going to take that much of my time… ^^; Seriously, if you saw my schedule, you’d probably punch me in the face at how awesomely timed it is. I get Wednesdays off, and get done with class by noon. Everyday. And they said college would suck. HA!