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A Mid Winters Cleaning (And LLOTR!)

9 Days until Christmas!

It’s not really mid-winter, is it? It’s not even winter! It’s the end of Fall! Anyway, I planned on writing the last half of the Quanta review, but that got pushed aside when I couldn’t reach my desk in my room and decided I REALLY needed to clean (really bad). That became an all day endeavor, but It’s to the point where it’s very much “clean”.

Oh! And Lego is releasing Lord of the Rings Lego Sets (and a game) in summer of next year. And I thought I outgrew them. HAH!

Twelve Days of… Something.

School is winding down for the winter and I’m about to have a month of free time on my hands. That’s not really something I’m used to. So I figured that I’m going to get back into blogging (regularly)! To help me do this, I’m going to make a post everyday, up until Christmas (i.e. The Twelve Days of Christmas)! I don’t know exactly what they’ll be about, Gundam or no, but they’ll be posts. On my blog. For more than one day a month. And yes, this counts. So up above is everything I owe you to review (so far). That picture also reaffirms several things: The Sinanju is HUGE even in 1/144 scale! Deathscythe still looks bad-ass in that pose, and I really like the Unicorn Gundam in that pose.

Until tomorrow!

Spring Cleaning!

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, Life’s been a little hectic around here… ^^; One of the main reasons I was absent for the past 2 weeks was that I decided to clean my room. And I mean CLEAN. I tore down basically every corner, threw it into the middle of my room and went through the subsequent pile of (mostly) trash. The stack of Model boxes above ( I really need to learn to throw things out…) contains about 75 boxes total (counting all the boxes you can’t see. There’s a couple of columns, and boxes inside boxes. Especially that 1/144 Dendrobium one). My room as of this point is still a good mess, and might take a couple days to go through, and until then, I really can’t get to the final review of the PG Strike Freedom yet. But I still have at least three or four posts LEFT until I get to the final part… ^^

Painting Problems

This is the paint I use to paint my Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam. I’m now out of this paint. Really I thought it was going to last a lot longer than it did… =\

And since my Local hobby store is closed on Monday’s and Tuesdays, I’m out of paint until Wednesday… Such a bother…

Reviews in progress!

Sorry about the lack of posts for almost two weeks! Been a tid busy here, but I finally got a day to myself here as I got a good 3 or 4 feet of snow outside right now. And that means I have a good day to myself to work on models! I’ve already finished one leg last week, and I’ve been working on the other (though more slowly, as it’s kinda monotonous now…) since then, and I’m almost done. I should have that review posted in the next couple of days (by Friday though, definitely). The Real Grade review I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but haven’t really felt like it all that much. And the Delta Plus will most likely be done for the end of February, Beginning of March. I also have the Fourth week of February off (it’s good to live in the North!), And I hope to have both reviews at least shot, so I can start building some more. I also managed to redo my Photo setup again, the first one was starting to get in the way. The new ones on top of on of my shelves in the corner of my room, nice and out of the way… but in doing so I displaced all of my Perfect Grades, and this:


Work In Progress: HGUC Unicorn Gundm +

Sorry about the whole no-post-in-two-weeks thing. It gets hellish around Christmas time at my house (you should really see it though, so many beautiful Christmas lights… TT_TT). I started my HGUC Unicorn Gundam about Back in August, when I went up to the Lake. Though I only built the Kit itself, as I had plans for the Head Display base. And as you can see, they’re mostly done! The Display base itself was molded in all white, and I really didn’t like that! Masking it was a semi-huge pain in the ass, but the finished effects are very nice (more in the actual review, of course) I just have the actual head part to finish, and then I can do the review (should’t be too hard…) I’m gonna try to do this after the Real Grade’s review is done, but I might have other plans by then. I’m used to it, really. Just ask my MG Hi-v Gundam! ;D

Review In Progress: RG 1/144 Gundam

Finally got around to starting the Shoot for the Real Grade a couple of days ago. I think for this review, it’ll be in two parts. One for the Skeleton, and one for the Main kit itself (not for the amount of material for the skeleton, but the rest of the kit). It’s just a lot of material to cover for one post, and I don’t think I’d wanna read a REALLY big wall of text and photos (or write it!). I’m hoping (HOPING) to have the First part up by Christmas, and the second around new years (probably some time after, to distribute the time properly). But hey, this is ME I’m talking about.

Tripod Troubles

And who says I can’t make up titles!? <- Aimed at me, who said I couldn’t anymore. But yeah! I found a ‘Digital Macro’ Function on my Cannon, and since, it’s been working really well for me. The only problem I encountered was -since these were Macro shots- Most pictures came out really, REALLY blurry. So I went out and bought a GorillaPod. GorillaPods are sweet, Basically a really flexible tripod. Though functions aren’t so closed-minded: It makes a keen stand, for Phones or PSP’s (First thing I did when I got this home was to see if it holds my phone alright ^^;). They can wrap around almost anything (and then stay there!), which makes them Ideal for- I should go into advertising. But, For $20.00, I just got a Review done in about an hour (photo shoot-wise). It usually takes me a couple days, as I have to go through the photo’s, see which ones are bad (or not good enough), which there are usually many, and redo them. This just alleviated the need for that. Reviews are actually fun now! So yes. Go buy one!

Gundam unicorn: Episode 2

… Is FUCKING FANTASTIC. I try to avoid swearing as much as possible on this site -you know- for the obvious reasons. But sometimes these words are the only means I have to convey my feelings. Now. I bought Episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn on the Playstation Store. And I recommend you do the same. Or at least pre-order it on Amazon. Or hell! Just torrent the Damn thing (though I really suggest you buy it)! Just. Watch it. Right now. Seriously. (Image Credit)

Photo setup Renovations -Again.

I redid my Photography setup again. Compared to my last one, it’s much more simple, and a lot better in terms of room taken up. It also took a while to set it up today. So it would be physically impossible for me to get a review done today… ^^; Oh, Farts.