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Goin’ Goin’ Gone!

Yeah, running out of title ideas…. =.=;

I’m about 40% done with the GN-X. I have all of the upper body, and it’s weapon units to go. From what I’ve seen while building this though, I REALLY like it! Kind of take all the bad things about the Exia, and make them go away (not make them better, just go away). I’m really anxious to finish this model, to see what the finished product looked like, as I do love it’s design. Though I’ve barely touched the Geara Zulu yet, just did some basic painting. Might actually get to that this weekend. We’ll see. Deikun OUT.

Double Team!

Yeah, no post yesterday. Sorry about that. X|

Now that previously said paper is written, I have all weekend to build models! I decided to start off with two models, just to get things going. When I get bored with one, I’ll move to the other. I’m stating with the GN-X and the Geara Zulu. They should take about the same amount of time, as the Geara Zulu will include A LOT of painting, we’ll just have to see how it goes! Oh, and I also got a good look at the Decals for the GN-X and they look a lot better than Exia, now a bunch of cautions and arrow designs! xD  Though I have a lot of promise for the GN-X, as it looks damn sexy. And yes, you caught my room on a messy spell… =.=’


They’re here! Ordered these models about a month ago, and they just arrived(the Red Frame was on backorder)! A total of seven models, that I actually got in place of a PG 00 Raiser, which I decided was not going to fit anywhere in my house, much less my room. So I traded it for these, which actually came out to the EXACT same price! =D If some of the boxes look a bit rough, that’s because the box got almost completely soaked during shipping. In the end though, non of the models themselves were really harmed. So let’s take a brief look, shall we?

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