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[Micro] Review! MG Astray Red Frame

It just might be a good idea to subscribe to the RSS feed (in the top right corner) if it’s going to be a while between Posts, or even reviews… ^^; But anyway! The MG Astray Red Frame is something everyone should own for it’s 3 fairly (very?) big, fairly awesome swords. I worked on this kit from the moment I got it (March… I think.), very slowly until it’s completion in, June. I think. Maybe August. Yeah, slooooow doesn’t define it. Though I really like the finished product! Though remember that this is a Micro-review, and there will be now Build photos. If you wish to see the build (basically), go to the Blue Frame Review!

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Reviews WISP, and photo experiments

Two things. First is the new iOS 4.1 Update for iPhone and iPod touch. The main thing here (for this blog, anyway) is the new Camera function, with more after the break!

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Well it’s Shark week, What did you expect?

No post in two weeks, BUT! I have a pretty good excuse… ^^; Last Week, I started playing Final Fantasy XII again. Which was a VERY bad idea. This week happened to be shark week, which I kind of treat like a Religion… No seriously. I do. Though the times were not without productivity!

As you can probably see, I managed to complete two other kits over the last seventeen days; which gives me a lovely as hell back log of reviews to write. I also evolved my photo area again, adding some VERY cheap sheets to help diffuse the light and deal with glare.

What I’ll probably do is finish the two reviews I have done, and then shoot the other two, just so I don’t get too confused with the mass amount of photo’s. I can’t wait to review the Red Frame, so I’ll do it last (to help motivate me through the rest). And we’ll see how it goes from there!

Deikun: Out!

Ooh, look! A new Phone!

Alright. So. I got the new iPhone 4! And to be absolutely, completely honest with you… I LOVE it. It’s just so sexy! But for me, one of the real perks, is on the back!

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Reviews WISP, and Time Hogs!

Wow. A month and no posts? I’m slipping! Though it has been a very productive month for me! I managed to build two more models, that of which the reviews will have to wait. My current photo background got (harshly) destroyed by my older brother when he came home from college… =.=; I also Picked up Pokémon HeartGold a while ago, and am still loving it (it was my first Pokémon game ever, and the first on the DS, How ’bout that?). I’ve also completed a Leg on the Red Frame. Joy, huh? I also plan on Working on a Custom model I’ve been planning for a while. And why not enter it in HLJ’s Photo Contest? I think so! So, I’ll be working on those two new Reviews (They’re on my AC so I don’t forget!), and a couple new models for the next, uh, While.

Model Update! MG Astray Red frame Kai

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They’re here! Ordered these models about a month ago, and they just arrived(the Red Frame was on backorder)! A total of seven models, that I actually got in place of a PG 00 Raiser, which I decided was not going to fit anywhere in my house, much less my room. So I traded it for these, which actually came out to the EXACT same price! =D If some of the boxes look a bit rough, that’s because the box got almost completely soaked during shipping. In the end though, non of the models themselves were really harmed. So let’s take a brief look, shall we?

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MG Astray Red Frame box art

Snazzy! Can’t wait to get this one in my hands! Full release info also released:

February 25 release for 5250 Yen. The MG Blue Frame is 4800 yen, for contrast. Why they add 450 yen for two swords doesn’t make much sense to me, but hell. I’ll still be buying it! =D

Thanks: Ngee Khiong (for info), and Kōichi Tokita (for the photo)

MG Astray Red Frame Kai

Alright. I like the MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise. So, when I found out that Bandai was releasing another Astray. With another Tactical Arms. WITH TWO GERBERA STRAIGHTS.

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