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Gunpla Expo News!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but school (and Guild Was 2) has kept me far busier than I thought it would. So While I can’t get one of my backlogged reviews done, I am trying to stay more active! Recently, the Gunpla Expo World tour kicked off, and oh so many things have been announced that make my wallet weep! The first thing is up above, it looks like a preview billboard… thing…. for more Real Grade kits. And I would buy every one of those. Right now if I could. There’s some more gunpla goodness after the jump!

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MG Nu gundam Ver Ka

Gunpla news? On this blog? THAT’S INSANE! But anyway, Here I am, slightly depressed at not owning a new camera, hearing about the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Now when I heard about this I was actually about to order the original kit and some resin parts to make it look more like the Gundam Evolve version, but now I don’t need to! =D If you’ve seen this before, you don’t really need to read farther (nothing new here), I’m just gonna gush about how awesome this kit is going to be…

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It’s Finally Here.

Do you know how long I have waited for this moment? Quite a while. News has been floating around about this since Bioware released the Normandy SR-2 Replica last year, and they finally (FINALLY) announced the release of a Sovereign Replica Statue! It stands 18.5″ tall (Just about 47cm), and is a lovely, conservative, $350.00. They’re limiting the production (at least this run) to 1000 units, and it’s not available until June. You DO, however, have to drop off a $100.00 deposit before that time (presuming all 1000 are sold by then), and then pay the other $250.00 when it ships. I do find that a bit expensive (and so does probably EVERYONE ELSE) but Sovereign (and most Reapers from Mass Effect) is easily one of my favorite Sci-Fi ship designs of all time, if not THE favorite. I’m hoping it’ll be of the same quality of the Normandy, and if it is we’re looking forward to 18 inches of pure Die-Cast bliss. If you’re feeling up to it, Lay your deposit down here!

October Release Schedule

Hey all! I just got the October Release schedule up, and on time for once! =O If last month was boring, this month is dead. 3 releases! Although we do get the MG Aegis Gundam (what should be the last kit in the SEED MG series, sadly) and the HG Legilis, which I’ve actually been looking forward to, despite the fact I never really got into AGE that much.

In other news, I’m slightly more than ticked at my school for not getting me my reimbursement check from my loans. I still have yet to receive it, despite being told that I should have gotten it the first week of September, when I actually started school. My brother got his three weeks before his classes started, but he is in Graduates School. They sure enjoy taking your money, but boy do they hate giving it back… ^^; I’m hoping to wipe another review off of my list before getting a new camera, but we’ll see how that goes. I also managed to grab some metallic gray paint that I need to test (probably on the Jesta) before deciding if I like it or not. I want to paint the inside frame of the Blitz in that sweet grey metallic that always shows up but that’s never named, but again, testing first. After I find a new box. There’s also someone down the street from me who’s selling an old Grand Cherokee Laredo that I might grab if I can narrow down the price enough…

Updated Monthly Release List & News!

Hey all! I just managed to update this Month’s release list ( a little late, I know), and it’s…. excessively boring. Four releases this month! Four! At least one of them is the MG Buster Gundam! =D I also must apologize for the complete lack of attendance lately (well a lot longer than “lately”…), but as the summer wrapped up, I got busier (somehow!), and more and more things got shoved farther and farther to the back of the bus. And then Guild Wars 2 came out (Lightning Review: BUY IT. BUY IT NOW), and well… Let’s just say I’m on my FOURTH character right now… ^^; (Sylvari are badass!). But I digress! I somehow got watching Gundam Unicorn again, and the end of Episode 5 made me both realize: 1.) Gundam rocks (and subsequently Gunpla) and 2.) Sunrise is filled with a bunch of dicks. Horrible, mean, terrible dicks. I mean SERIOUSLY? You leave us with a massive cock-tease for a YEAR!? But I digress…. AGAIN.

What I’ve been MEANING to get to was that I have the 00 Raiser |<–This–>| close to being finished! I swear! I just have to decal the 0 Raiser! Then my plans change! I WAS planning on holding off on the review until I got a new Camera. I’ve been looking to get the Nikon D3100 more and more over the past two months, so now I just need the money! I mean I have the money to grab it, I just don’t like losing a massive chunk of cash like that without at least the same amount of money to supplement it afterwards. I was hoping to get the remaining money from my loan from college by now, but I might have to wait until October! And I don’t feel like going ANOTHER month without anything to give you guys, so I might do some older, far long due reviews until I get my camera! I think that sounds rad, since I STILL haven’t done the second half of the RG RX-78-2 review yet! And it’s been…. HOW LONG!?

Be right back, guys. I need to get to work!

News and stuff!

A few things to go over after being gone for a while! First thing should be obvious: The Steam Summer Sale! =D I just dropped $100.00 on games! But I saved oh-so-much more! Totally worth it! So if there’s some game you’ve always wanted, you should go grab it now, because it’s on sale. Right now. If you don’t own Skyrim on the PC, by the way, get it now. Top Tip of the day!

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Monthly Releases Updated!

I thought about pulling an April Fool’s day joke. But I’m better than that! I’m not Valve… >->’ Anyway! I updated the Monthly Release list, so you can check on that here! Things of note: The Next Real Grade (Gundam Mk. II), the Master Grade AGE-1S Sparrow, and oh so much more!

Monthly Release Schedule, Please?

The keen observer (or the regular visitor) will notice that, yes, there is no monthly release schedule right now! Why? Well Bandai doesn’t always release specific information, and as far as I know right now, they haven’t release any information about specific dates of release. And since it’s almost two weeks into the month (it’s almost half over!), I don’t think a more complete list will pop up anytime soon. After doing this for a while, I’ve gotten pretty good at digging up dates from around the web, but so for there is nothing. I’ll still put the list up! But it’ll just be a straight list of kits coming out. Thought I’d let you know!

*EDIT: Updated the Monthly Releases page! Though it’s still incomplete… D=

It’s my Birthday!

Yeah! Today’s my birthday! If you’re curious, I’m 19 years old! Above is the take for today, the last for a while. And by a while I mean 2 weeks. A closer-ish look at the three after the jump, with some more ideas I’m throwing around.

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Gunpla News, Birthdays, and More!

There is SO much stuff coming out that I need to get. Like. A lot. Probably too much. Loads of new Gunpla, the PS Vita, probably going to grab an iPad 3 when that comes out later this year…

But first things first!  I got around to updating the Monthly Releases list a couple of days ago, so you can check that out here! I also finally got around to updating the Future page too! There’s some other news and info just past the gap, if you care to read on!

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