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EDIT: The Monthly Release list is now up! You can check that out here!

I have a couple of Chipmunks in my yard who really like peanuts. It went from leaving some out on the porch to watch them come and eat them to hand feeding them. So while stacking firewood today, I sat down, set my iPhone on a rock, waited for them to return, and hit record. The results are above, with added quips from my dad for your enjoyment.

On another note, I’m very impressed with the video quality on the iPhone 4. I’m even more impressed with the mic, since it picked up my fountain so well (It’s about 20 feet away from where I was sitting). This is very encouraging because I want to start experimenting with build videos. I’ve tried it with my main camera before but it I could never get the camera right were I wanted it. With my phone it should be much easier, since I [should] be able to put it where I want, and still have good quality. I think I’ll experiment with building the Gatling Gun from the FA Unicorn, since they’re fairly easy to take apart and put back together.

I should have the monthly release list out later today, if not tomorrow. I plan to get another review (MG Deathscythe Hell) done before I start the MG 00 Raiser, but I’ll probably still crack it open and take a gander at things. I’m also missing an LED unit. Don’t know where it went but they were sitting on my desk right by my trash can, so I hope one didn’t fall in. I did take my trash out a couple of weeks ago (it doesn’t get full very fast) so I hope it didn’t get thrown away!

G-System 1/72 Kshatriya

I’ve been keeping my eye on this for quite a while to see where it would go and how it would develop. And DEAR LORD almighty is fantastic. G-System has been making fabulous kits for a while now, and things just got a lot better with the release of this kit. Well, pre-release. It’s not quite out yet. Shame, really…

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MG Musha Gundam Mark II, April Release Schedule, and more!

Alright, so I’ll have that Exia Review up tomorrow. I swear. xD ANYWAY: Out first official look at the Shin Musha Gundam Mk II! All I have to say is, lots of Gold Chrome parts….Oo I don’t like gold Chrome parts. Lets hope the nubs are at least well hidden. Read the rest of this entry

Shopping day!

So I went shopping today with the parents, down to the local Air Force Base. It’s about a 3 hour drive, but it’s worth it when a gallon of milk costs $1.50 there! That is where I obtained the above treats of goodness. Some snazzy little German Buggers: Little sugar cones filled with milk chocolate, and topped with a Hazelnut. It is the most delicious 5 bucks I ever spent!

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March Madness!

If you don’t already know: A TON of stuff is being released this month. A TON! Below is a full list of everything Bandai is releasing through out March. *Note that all ‘Clear Part Campaign’ models have a star before their name, just in case you’re not interested in them.

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Chogokin Evangelion -ANIMA- Super Evangelion

Now, I try my best to keep this strictly Gunpla, but once in a while there’s something worth posting (usually a lot ^^;) that’s not. This is the Chogokin Eva “Super Evangelion” and it looks awesome!

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