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Banshee finished!


Finally managed to finish the Banshee! I can certainly say I will never build a Unicorn Gundam again. Ever. Hopefully. Probably not. I’ll be making a larger post in the next few days as I plan my paint job on it, though I don’t entirely know what I’m going to do yet. See you then!

The Current Project


I’ve been “working” on the MG Banshee for a couple months now, but it’s definitely been an off and on project. This makes my third MG Unicorn build (6th total counting HG kits), and after the Full Armor Unicorn build, I basically have this thing memorized. It’s certainly not the most exciting build at this point, it’s gone from awe at the engineering of the kit to just… just… there’s soooo maaaaany PIECES.

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Micro-Review! HGUC Banshee [Destroy Mode]

I have to admit something. I watched Episode 5 of Gundam UC right before I wrote this review. It’s fantastic, and you should watch it. Now. I am so pumped right now! Anyway: This kit is identical to the HGUC Unicorn Gundam DM with a few additions. I’ve never really been a fan of all the extra add-ons, so I opted to leave them off, and go with a more original, novel centric version. A good thing with this kit: it’s very modular (kind of), so you can basically make your own Banshee!

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Review! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

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I am brutally torn with this kit. On one hand it was a long, arduous journey to get to this point, though on the other hand, it all looks so damn cool! I will say right up front that building this kit is, without a doubt, one of it’s biggest follies. There is a lot of stuff that comes with this, and putting it all together without wavering in quality is, to be honest, quite difficult. There is a limit I like to put on myself with how long it should take to build a model, and this broke it. But, is that trouble worth it? Let’s find out!

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Build! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam -pt.2

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The Final part of the FA Unicorn Build! This half took much longer than the first one, mainly because of the amount of stuff to build and decal. Building the same thing several times gets pretty damn boring, and I was driven near insane by building six Gatling guns in a row. 😐 I have to recommend building some of the mobile suit, and then some of the weapons. I think that would help break things up a lot!

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Master Grade Unicorn Gundam 02 ‘Banshee’ Preview

Here’s you’re first look at the Master Grade Banshee! Honestly, without the MG badge in the top left of the page, it’s hard to differentiate it from its High Grade counterparts. I haven’t yet purchased the HG kits because I was waiting to see this come out, though I had no idea it would be out in March! For some more yummy pictures, head past the jump!

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Build! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam -pt.1

The very first part of the four-part Build/review of the MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam! Sadly I can’t say that this will be too much of an exciting post, with it being only half of the build and all. So if you’re ready to see some hard-core model building, click past the jump

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Progress Report!

Hey there! Hope everyone had a lovely new year, I myself have had a fairly busy one. What with starting one of the biggest Master Grade Builds I’ve ever done! Things are progressing fairly nicely, and I’ve already decided what I’m going to do for the review: It’s going to be a full, 4 part build and review. Build the Unicorn, review it. And then build all the extras (they take up half the manual, anyway!), and then do the final review. I’m also working on putting the decals on the parts I finish, I think that will also help keep things moving, as there’s not a lot of decals that go on one particular piece, there are just a lot of decals period.

I also ran out of Top Coat about half way through coating the MG Wing Gundam, just the way life works out, eh? I ordered some more, and I should be getting them later today, if not tomorrow. I ordered 3 cans, because I HATE to run out of things, and I know that this kit will use up quite a bit…

EDIT: I also updated the monthly release list! Check it out on it’s page: here!

EDIT 2: Just out the box art for the MG Heavyarms Gundam up, along with a better link to more pictures.

Work In Progress: HGUC Unicorn Gundm +

Sorry about the whole no-post-in-two-weeks thing. It gets hellish around Christmas time at my house (you should really see it though, so many beautiful Christmas lights… TT_TT). I started my HGUC Unicorn Gundam about Back in August, when I went up to the Lake. Though I only built the Kit itself, as I had plans for the Head Display base. And as you can see, they’re mostly done! The Display base itself was molded in all white, and I really didn’t like that! Masking it was a semi-huge pain in the ass, but the finished effects are very nice (more in the actual review, of course) I just have the actual head part to finish, and then I can do the review (should’t be too hard…) I’m gonna try to do this after the Real Grade’s review is done, but I might have other plans by then. I’m used to it, really. Just ask my MG Hi-v Gundam! ;D

Gundam unicorn: Episode 2

… Is FUCKING FANTASTIC. I try to avoid swearing as much as possible on this site -you know- for the obvious reasons. But sometimes these words are the only means I have to convey my feelings. Now. I bought Episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn on the Playstation Store. And I recommend you do the same. Or at least pre-order it on Amazon. Or hell! Just torrent the Damn thing (though I really suggest you buy it)! Just. Watch it. Right now. Seriously. (Image Credit)