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Review! MG Wing Gundam

When the Master Grade Wing Gundam came out, I didn’t know what to feel. On one side, it had been 15 years since Gundam Wing first aired (in 1995!). I mean, why release a Master Grade now? But on the other side, Gundam Wing was the Gundam series I (and a lot of other kids at the time) first watched. It’s what got me indoctrinated into Gundam, and eventually Gunpla. The only thing I could do when I first heard about it, was smile. But now, after I actually own it -after I’ve actually built it- I feel kind of sad. Sad that I didn’t build it sooner.

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Clipped Wings

11 Days until Christmas!

This is the current progress on my MG Wing Gundam so far. Well, “Current”. It’s been sitting like this for about a month while I got busy with College work and Skyrim. Mostly Skyrim. Like 90% Skyrim. As my [first] play through of Skyrim comes to a close (I’m at 160 hours! =D), I’m going to go back to modelling for a bit, and hopefully long enough to not miss Skyrim too much. Anyway! I’m probably about 90% done with Wing Gundam here. Only things left are the wings, gun, shield, decals, and top coat. And to be honest I should have those done within a day or two, especially since I have nothing better to do now!

YOIKS! And away…

MG Musha Gundam Mark II, April Release Schedule, and more!

Alright, so I’ll have that Exia Review up tomorrow. I swear. xD ANYWAY: Out first official look at the Shin Musha Gundam Mk II! All I have to say is, lots of Gold Chrome parts….Oo I don’t like gold Chrome parts. Lets hope the nubs are at least well hidden. Read the rest of this entry

MG Wing Gundam

Hm. Uh, why is this coming out now? Now don’t take this the wrong way, but this thing couldn’t have been in development for 15 years. (good God, 15 YEARS?. Christ) After the small rant, I am quite happy that this is coming out! One because I always liked it (although I honestly like the look of the Ver. Ka more ^^;), and it TRANSFORMS! =D

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