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Perfct Grade Pictures!

Now. There’s Box-Art, and there’s Box-Art! This would go under the Box-Art! category. It’s got action, poses, and explosions. I like it. They also have the Unicorn w/ Cage box-art, but I haven’t seen it in a sizable, uh, size yet. I’m working on reviews, but this is incase I don’t get it done today xP

Bandai also released images (FINALLY) of their Perfect Grade special editions. Seen below! Read the rest of this entry

March Madness!

If you don’t already know: A TON of stuff is being released this month. A TON! Below is a full list of everything Bandai is releasing through out March. *Note that all ‘Clear Part Campaign’ models have a star before their name, just in case you’re not interested in them.

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I Love the Zaku II. Love it. I have it in every scale. 1/144, 1/100 (Three models ^^;), and 1/60 (alright, not all). The HGUC version of the kit is nice, I guess, but definitely leaves room for [modern] improvement. Bandai is calling the Zaku II F2 is “The High Grade Zaku to have!” I’m excited. Read the rest of this entry