Consider this page in dire need of updating. Does anyone even read about pages…?

How I got started

I built my first model, when I was 8. My dad brought home a Model from the Gundam X Series. Air Master Burst, or something like that. Around that time, he was always trying to get me into the hobby, always showing me his [rather huge] collection of models (they cover all the walls in our basement ^^;). I was somewhat distraught when I figured out I had to put the thing together myself. But after a while, he showed me what I had to do, and the tools I had to use, and I found it extremely fun. When I finished, it was a bit rough-looking (albeit, down right terrible), but it was my first model! After that point, Action figures became terribly useless to me. (That was way back when Toys’R’us carried Gundam models, and then they fell horribly out of style, for some obscene reason.) There was just something about looking at a model after it’s done, and thinking: ‘I built that beautiful son of a bitch’ That I still can’t get over today. I have a rather large collection of Models (50+ and counting, ignoring some I have in storage and broke over the past years), and I think I might be starting to run out of room… ^^; and it will grow. I will find room. Trust me.

The Blog

I actually forget why I started this blog. But I am damn glad I did. I try my very best to keep updates coming on a daily basis, whatever that may be. I go for Gunpla news and Reviews, but I do build other models (Modern fighter jets are irresistibly beautiful!), but they usually take me about a year to complete. =.=’ I am always evolving my ways of building, and reviewing, constantly trying new stuff (I can never find a photo background I like XP). Here’s my current Formula for reviews:


My reviews aren’t sound just yet, but I think they’re pretty good. Here’s a quick guide for anyone to get everything.

Out of the Box

  • Here I show The Manual Cover, and any detail pages that may accompany it.
  • I also show the runners that come with the model, mainly excluding doubles, as it takes up room.

The Build

  • Here I show the pieces, and completed parts, of the model.
  • I also try to note any good/bad details about that particular part.
  • I only show the construction of one part (so, not both arms, just one), for obvious reasons. If there are any pieces or steps that happen multiple times during the construction, I just show one of them.

Action Shots

  • Here I show off all articulation of the model.
  • I also try to display any particularly bad things about the finished product.

Final Thoughts

  • Here I give my thoughts on some parts of the model, and ultimately see if it’s worth the money you’d pay for it!
  • I usually (always) give these thoughts in the form of a table (all aspects are rated ‘x/10’ scale) :
  1. Articulation – how good are its joints? How solid are they, do they sag after time?
  2. Aesthetics – How visually pleasing is the finished product?
  3. Playablilty – How easy is it to throw into a pose? how easy is it for it to hold that pose?
  4. Build-ability – How simple and straight forward is its construction? Here, a lower number tells of a more complex build (A High Grade might be 8/10, while a Perfect Grade might be a 4/10_
  5. Detail – How good are the panel lines? How nice are the decals? How does it compare to any diagrams of the real (relatively) thing?
  6. Overall – My very lasts thoughts. If nothing fits inside the above categories, I put it here. I also have an ‘x/10’ score here, which is my honest thought/grade of the model as a whole. No real math is done to find an average of all the scores, it’s just a sort of final grade. I also try to fit in my opinion of its worth. Of course it’s just an opinion, because in the end that’s what reviews really are.


That’s my main guide. I also do Micro-Reviews (when I get a model that is similar enough to another one I reviewed and I don’t want to review it again), but I haven’t really thought up a good way to put those yet, so I’ll save a quick-guide until later.

If you find anything’s missing and needs to be added, Feel free to contact me, via one of the methods below. I always like to receive love mail!


  1. I added your link to mines 🙂 Nice site

    • Yay! Free advertising! =D I’ve always considered starting a blogroll of my own, but I keep considering myself the type of blog to ONTO blogrolls. Though with almost 25k hits, I think I need to rethink that one a little bit… =\

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