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  1. wow that’s quite a backlog! =D

    • Ugh. Don’t tell me about it! Although about 6 of those are built. Doesn’t help much, though… xD

      • fortunately you don’t have any PG in your backlog for now… I think PG kits take much more time to build (and more if you paint) compared to MG… =P
        Z also has quite a huge backlog for now : http://gunpla-inochi.com/future-projects/

      • I think that’s one of the downsides of running a blog. I can tell you right now that I would NEVER have a dozen kits waiting to be built (some for over a year!) if I wasn’t running a blog. Though I do think it makes me enjoy them more… ^^;

      • I suppose so… well as long as it’s enjoyable, who cares? (maybe your bank account cares, lol) XD

      • btw, do you plan on collecting all the new GAT-X series MG kits? I saw some photos of Blitz, and it actually looks good. =)

      • As long as they keep looking like the Duel I will. I haven’t actually opened any of the bags yet, but from what I’ve seen the details on it are astounding. Blitz is my favorite mobile suit from the SEED series, so to be honest it could look like complete ass and I’d probably buy it! ^^’

      • I’m still hoping that Bandai would release MG Justice and MG Wing Zero… I like Duel, Blitz, and Buster (nope, Aegis not included), but I don’t have enough place to display them in my small campus residence room… ^^
        my to buy list for now : PG Strike Freedom ; MG Infinite Justice ; MG FA Unicorn (probably after a while, since I just completed my MG Unicorn Ver. Ka. from my backlog, and went through all the decals, lol.)

      • just started on my PG Strike Freedom… maybe I’ll adopt your two tone blue paint scheme for the blue parts (I’ve decided that the lighter one would be tamiya TS-44 brilliant blue, while the darker might be TS-50 mica blue).

        I couldn’t find tamiya TS-21 gold in most hobby shops in my city (out of stock), so I’ll probably use Krylon metallic gold (it looks pretty good, but I’ll test it a few more times to observe the result consistency before applying on the parts).

    • Excellent! The blue really does look good! Looks natural on the kit! I’ve considered getting some Krylon myself, since my local hobby shop can’t seem to get any gold, and it’s much cheaper.

      Do you have a blog, by the way? You should totally get one now, a PG Strike Freedom build would be a great way to start it off! =P

      • hmm I just sprayed the krylon metallic gold on some parts, and it tends to avoid certain spots (maybe I left some oil/anything before?), but I’ll wait until they dry completely. I’ll tell you the result later today (should be a good reference, maybe?)…

        nope, I’m not running a blog, don’t have much time, and I’m kinda too lazy, lol. but if you’re interested, maybe you can check my forum thread : http://www.sggunplasociety.com/t900-pg-strike-freedom-gundam-wip
        so far I’ve only followed some blogs and joined that forum (maybe later I’ll join other forums as well).

    • You’ll probably need at least another coat. Krylon usually requires a primer for it to stick properly, but I find a couple of coats do the job just fine.

      Don’t worry. That’s how it starts. I made a few mock reviews and WIPs on forums, and NOW look at me. =D

      • I see… now that you mention it, I noticed that krylon’s grey primer is very dark, so it’s not good for light colors like Tamiya TS-8 and TS-44 (I tried and they look horrible, lol).. I’ll save the krylon primer for the dark blue parts later.

      • ah, by the way, are you going to get the upcoming RG Justice? from the pics released it looks great.. =D

      • hmmm… Probably not. I still have my eyes centered on the RG Mk-II and I’m looking to get the MG Blitz Gundam when that comes out. Then again I should probably hold off from buying anything right now, looking at the back log above! ^^;

      • haha, I see. I’m now stuck at my PG SF feet extension mod.. it seems like working with putty is not as easy as I thought. it works like : epoxy putty -> sand -> basic putty -> sand -> basic putty -> sand, and so on until you’re satisfied. (it’s very tiring, lol.)

        after testing TS-8 italian red, I think it would look good on MG Epyon. it’s similar to ferrari’s red. TS-44 brilliant blue is awesome, I really like the color. unfortunately I’m still unable to find TS-50 mica blue or TS-51 racing blue to test the two-tone blue paint scheme.

      • I worked with epoxy putty ONCE before (actually not on a model) and it was a massive pain in the ass. xD
        And I hate it when you have you color you like, but you can’t find it ANYWHERE. Life can be so cruel… TT_TT

      • the final product is out, lol… check my thread at the forum. not as smooth as I wanted it to be, it still has some minor scratches and holes, which are barely visible under normal light, so I ignored them.

        huh? you can always buy them online, can’t you? hobby paints like Tamiya are widely available online… (well maybe shipping fees can be disturbingly high).
        since I’m currently in Indonesia, I’d rather not buy from online oversea stores, since they will charge you customs if your purchase is over USD 50, and it could be a real pain to get your items. (unlike in Singapore, they don’t charge me anything, and I can simply wait until the items are delivered to my campus hostel).

      • Those feet look fantastic! One of the hardest parts about mods is making them look like the part was always like that, which can be tough especially with putty. Yours look great though! I can’t notice any of those “scratches and holes” at all!

        Buying paint online is usually a bit of a hassle for me. HLJ is really the only place I know of that has a decent range of colors. Besides, my hobby shop only charges MSRP so it’s always cheaper than going online, and he gets shipments every week.

      • thanks… well as I said, unless you expose them to very bright light you wouldn’t notice them… =P
        I see, that’s a good thing. most local hobby shops I found sell those paints and topcoats at a higher price, but buying from online stores would mean that you have to wait for a month or more (they don’t use air mail for aerosols). but the higher price isn’t my main problem here. availability is… XD

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