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Review! PG Strike Freedom Gundam pt. 2 (Final)

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IT’S FINALLY HERE! =D Well, after about three months after it should’ve been done, it’s done! Sadly, at some point after I finished the shoot -THE FIRST TIME-  I lost about half of the pictures I had, which got me depressed. So I didn’t want to review anything for a while… until now! I fear it’s not as good as it might have been the first time around, and I hope to possibly revisit it in the future. But in the mean time, here is the last installment of the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Review Saga!

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. IX – Wings


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Hm. I had a much better picture planned for this one, but it fit the Review much better ^^’. Alas the build of the Perfect Grade Strike freedom is complete. I was a bit confused at first on how to do this section. The four different sections of the wings are divided into two separate sections you do twice, and then those sections are very similar in themselves, so really you’re building one part four times. So that’s really what I did ^^;

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. VIII – Armor & Weapons

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Down to the last stretch, aren’t we? I’m almost really sad that I have to cover up that wonderful skeleton, but reviewing has to be done!

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Review! PG Strike Freedom Gundam pt. 1

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Ah, the first part of the review! Well I suppose that’s really not the right sense of the word. A collection of glory shots? Yes. I think I’ll just save the review part for the real review later… ^^; Anyway, on to the glory shots!

*BONUS* I got mentioned in an episode of Gunpla TV! Oh the internet loves me dearly… TT~TT

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Progress Report: PG Strike Freedom

So as of right now, I have the Strike about 80% complete. All that’s left over for me to do is the Wing system, and the Strike freedom is done! As for the review end of things, I have about 5 more sections total to do, and everything’s done. Now let the progress continue! Though it has been fairly slow… The Wings are very monotonous to do. ^^;

PG Strike Freedom Build pt. VII – Head/Backpack

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The last Section of the main build. Kind of sad, really. Well maybe not. Don’t expect a lot of surprises here… ^^;

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. VI – Arms

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Almost done. I was kind of anxious to get the arms done, they fill out the rest of the Kit really well. I’m especially impressed with how Bandai did the finger mechanics.

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. V – Body

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Another day, Another part to the Perfect Grade! Started this after I finished Part IV. Made surprisingly easy progress. Though it is kind of partly due to the speed I took the pictures (easily the most strenuous part review making. I’m a bit of a perfectionist…^^;). So sorry for any kind-of-blurry to Blurry pictures ahead. You’ve been warned!

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. IV – Waist

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I started on the waist on Saturday, I finished it Sunday, and the review is up on Monday! I’ll be damned. And I have to say, just from looking at half of this kit. I love it. I COMPLETELY love it. The detail, the articulation, the SIZE. Already worth its money, I’d say.

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PG Strike Freedom Build pt. III – Legs

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Moving on to the Legs! This is moving quite smoothly, despite this taking longer than any other of my Perfect Grades took to build. And I don’t remember any of them being THAT FRIKKEN BIG! seriously, this thing is 8 inches (20 Centimeters) tall by itself. that GM 2.0 is 7.5 inches (19 Centimeters) by comparison. That Ladybug on the GM 2.0’s shoulder is .2 inches (.5 centimeters), for ONE MORE comparison….

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