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Review! CFB Creator’s Model Gore Magala

I first started playing Monster Hunter a good few years ago – about a decade! I bought Freedom Unite on a whim at a Sears for like 4 bucks and it hooked me. I grabbed Tri on the Wii and bought a 3DS just a few months before 4U hit the west and straight up bought a limited edition New 3DS for Generations. Collectively I’ve poured easily triple, maybe even quadruple digit hours into the Monster Hunter series – and as my love of the series grew so too did my want/need for its merchandise. I’ve wanted to collect MH figures for a while, but it was always a hearty plunge to take. No matter what I’d buy it was always going to be imported and expensive… until I grabbed this guy off eBay for MSRP. I don’t collect figures that often(see: never), and it was an odd photoshoot to do for me with no articulation or accessories to show off, but let’s see how my very first dive into both Figures and Monster Hunter collectibles turns out!

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News and stuff!

A few things to go over after being gone for a while! First thing should be obvious: The Steam Summer Sale! =D I just dropped $100.00 on games! But I saved oh-so-much more! Totally worth it! So if there’s some game you’ve always wanted, you should go grab it now, because it’s on sale. Right now. If you don’t own Skyrim on the PC, by the way, get it now. Top Tip of the day!

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00 Raiser WIP 2!

Got the Gundam done! Well ,not ALL done, I still have to do the  backpack and weapons, and then it’s done.  Now up to this point, there has been almost no deviation from the Quanta’s build, so I won’t be posting this section up in the build. The only difference (apart from some armor pieces on the legs and shoulders) is the head. Since it lights up (SO BOSS) it has a clear peg going down into the neck. This limits movement somewhat, but I’ll get to that in the build! I expect the next few parts of the build to move fairly quickly, so the next post you’ll see here will probably be the Build post of the 00 Raiser Review! Hopefully that’s not like, next year or something… xD

MG 00 Raiser: A Closer Look

The next project! I don’t plan to do anything snazzy with this, just panel line and decal, I don’t even think I’m going to top coat it (mainly because I’m out of Top Coat anyway…). Of course I didn’t do anything snazzy with the FA Unicorn and that took over a month! -_-‘ I do plan, however, to panel line it in the ‘classic’ way, with some black paint and thinner, so everything looks nice and crisp!

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Micro-Review! HGUC Banshee [Destroy Mode]

I have to admit something. I watched Episode 5 of Gundam UC right before I wrote this review. It’s fantastic, and you should watch it. Now. I am so pumped right now! Anyway: This kit is identical to the HGUC Unicorn Gundam DM with a few additions. I’ve never really been a fan of all the extra add-ons, so I opted to leave them off, and go with a more original, novel centric version. A good thing with this kit: it’s very modular (kind of), so you can basically make your own Banshee!

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Review! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

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I am brutally torn with this kit. On one hand it was a long, arduous journey to get to this point, though on the other hand, it all looks so damn cool! I will say right up front that building this kit is, without a doubt, one of it’s biggest follies. There is a lot of stuff that comes with this, and putting it all together without wavering in quality is, to be honest, quite difficult. There is a limit I like to put on myself with how long it should take to build a model, and this broke it. But, is that trouble worth it? Let’s find out!

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Build! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam -pt.2

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The Final part of the FA Unicorn Build! This half took much longer than the first one, mainly because of the amount of stuff to build and decal. Building the same thing several times gets pretty damn boring, and I was driven near insane by building six Gatling guns in a row. 😐 I have to recommend building some of the mobile suit, and then some of the weapons. I think that would help break things up a lot!

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Review! MG Wing Gundam

When the Master Grade Wing Gundam came out, I didn’t know what to feel. On one side, it had been 15 years since Gundam Wing first aired (in 1995!). I mean, why release a Master Grade now? But on the other side, Gundam Wing was the Gundam series I (and a lot of other kids at the time) first watched. It’s what got me indoctrinated into Gundam, and eventually Gunpla. The only thing I could do when I first heard about it, was smile. But now, after I actually own it -after I’ve actually built it- I feel kind of sad. Sad that I didn’t build it sooner.

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Build! MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam -pt.1

The very first part of the four-part Build/review of the MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam! Sadly I can’t say that this will be too much of an exciting post, with it being only half of the build and all. So if you’re ready to see some hard-core model building, click past the jump

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Review! HG Sinanju

Okay, so how many of you SERIOUSLY think that this could be the Master Grade Sinanju, and I’m just joshing all of you? Hmmm. I thought so. Yes, I think this kit REALLY is that good. Though through shooting this review I found one major crutch that the Sinanju has sown into its design. Clack past the jump to see what I mean!

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