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Micro-Review! HGUC Banshee [Destroy Mode]

I have to admit something. I watched Episode 5 of Gundam UC right before I wrote this review. It’s fantastic, and you should watch it. Now. I am so pumped right now! Anyway: This kit is identical to the HGUC Unicorn Gundam DM with a few additions. I’ve never really been a fan of all the extra add-ons, so I opted to leave them off, and go with a more original, novel centric version. A good thing with this kit: it’s very modular (kind of), so you can basically make your own Banshee!

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Monthly Releases Updated!

I thought about pulling an April Fool’s day joke. But I’m better than that! I’m not Valve… >->’ Anyway! I updated the Monthly Release list, so you can check on that here! Things of note: The Next Real Grade (Gundam Mk. II), the Master Grade AGE-1S Sparrow, and oh so much more!

Bandai March 2011 Release schedule

*EDIT: I gave the Release Schedule it’s own page! Click here to view!

Another Month, another Round of Gunpla releases! I’d like to do these every month, but I kind of just, forget… ^^; Maybe I’ll make it a page or something. Bandai’s Full March Release Schedule after the break!

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Review! HG 00 Quanta

Happy Thanksgiving, World! To Canada: Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Oh wait. Never mind… Thought I would have a Review up for Thanksgiving, considering I’ve been rendered immobile by Turkey and Sweet Potato’s. So far, the HG 00 Model Kit has been my favorite High Grade (outside of the HGUC line). What way to make it better? Add a half cape, of course!

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Photo setup Renovations -Again.

I redid my Photography setup again. Compared to my last one, it’s much more simple, and a lot better in terms of room taken up. It also took a while to set it up today. So it would be physically impossible for me to get a review done today… ^^; Oh, Farts.

Oh, that Mysterious Box~ pt. II

Another package came today! This one Just came today (Friday, October 8th. At 11:40. FedEx works quick!), and I just opened it (like 10 minutes ago…) right in the living room. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Wing ‘EW’ in-depth, and October release schedule

First off! A more detailed look the variations of the mobile suits that will most likely be the Master Grade kits coming out. You can see in the upper left corner that these suits are the First version of the Gundams (before the mid-season upgrade) in the series made into ‘Endless Waltz’ Ver-OMG LOOK AT THE SANDROCK! *AHEM. Release schedule for October after the Break…

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Well it’s Shark week, What did you expect?

No post in two weeks, BUT! I have a pretty good excuse… ^^; Last Week, I started playing Final Fantasy XII again. Which was a VERY bad idea. This week happened to be shark week, which I kind of treat like a Religion… No seriously. I do. Though the times were not without productivity!

As you can probably see, I managed to complete two other kits over the last seventeen days; which gives me a lovely as hell back log of reviews to write. I also evolved my photo area again, adding some VERY cheap sheets to help diffuse the light and deal with glare.

What I’ll probably do is finish the two reviews I have done, and then shoot the other two, just so I don’t get too confused with the mass amount of photo’s. I can’t wait to review the Red Frame, so I’ll do it last (to help motivate me through the rest). And we’ll see how it goes from there!

Deikun: Out!

Model Update! HGUC Kshatriya

So this would be one of those incidents where you go to look at a model. And then it’s half done! I have a good chunk of the Kshatriya done, say about: 60%. Lets take a look at what we’ve got so far!

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Ooh, look! A new Phone!

Alright. So. I got the new iPhone 4! And to be absolutely, completely honest with you… I LOVE it. It’s just so sexy! But for me, one of the real perks, is on the back!

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